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View: session overview talk overview. Language variation can be described in spatial, temporal and social dimensions.

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Amphichronic explanation and the life cycle of phonological processes.

Groningen: Martinus Nijhoff. Harnisch, R. Gradience and Gradualness. Many of those are directed exclusively towards clusters of two verbs or towards one type of three-verb cluster.

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Looking at word meaning. Furthermore, we hypothesize that suprasegmental features in particular speech rhythm differ caht the two groups of adolescents. Features of ethnolectal Swiss-German have often been associated and discussed in connection with adolescents with a migrant background see e.

As with adult speakers, patterns of variation can vary strongly between individuals. Specifically, it also contains data from on the greater area of Bern where NORMs were mainly taken into.

International Journal of Humanities tubingwn Arts Computing 2 : To appear. This suggests they have underlying lexical entries that encode the deletion process: English and has an allomorph an ; Spanish entonces has an alternate entonce.

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I have collected new data for Bern and its greater area using select variables already documented in the SDS, allowing for a direct comparison of linguistic variables collected at different points in time, but with similar elicitation methods. Maegaard et al. Hothorn, T. In this respect, analogy resembles gravity: if the distance is too large or the object too small, we may neglect its effects.

Wielfaert, D.

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Copenhagen: Udvalg for Folkemaals Publikationer. Selecting these allomorphs elevates the apparent rate of deletion in such words. Varieties of English Around the WorldG Marotta, G. Svendsen eds.

The development in Dutch occurs clearly faster than the change in Frisian, but both are gradient. These interactions were analysed for the proportions of standard, seex, mixed, intermediate or ambivalent turns produced by the children.

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Thomas, P. Interestingly, illeisms as in 1b occur only with a copula. Brabants tussen Dialect en Standardtaal. Furthermore, are particular preterital forms more sensitive geoup being lost based on frequency, conjugation class, semantics, and function?

Linguistics 54 1 : Towards a new standard: Theoretical and tbuingen studies on the restandardization of Italian. The Case of German and Dutch.

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The audio files have been cataloged according to the following parameters: geographical area of origin, phase of elicitation and informant. Lingua : — In this paper, we will report on first of this study. There is also a relatively well-established description of the diachronic development of the relevant variable. The lack of morphological effect found in York is one of the unsolved problems concerning t,d deletion. A linguistic introduction.

However, in Frisian, a complementary distribution with the syllabic nasal developed. In Pia Quist and Bente A.

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Speelman, D. Five focus-group discussions with six to eight informants each were conducted. Knowledge about this innovation is sparse. Degrees of semantic control in measuring aggregated lexical distances. Frankfurt: Lang. This paper concludes by suggesting the emergence of morphological effect in British English, patterning with Manchester.