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Um couple of minutes away, I'm gonna uh we are now streaming on Facebook so be aware of that and um we'll wait here to see if Kirk Pops lie just a moment.

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There's no question about it now uh the s are there and we've seen that in Monroe County because of the the cooperation that we've had in general, we wanted to tell people that uh really the student not IU is the hero so students community members individuals are the heroes in this campaign um students. If in our community is counting on each and every one of us to make sure that we um stop the spread bloomington um we've Ladies want hot sex MO Poplar bluff 63901 the opportunity to work with Covid-nineteen and it's it's all incumbent upon us so um by the six simple techniques if uh as as we already heard if we can normalize those things um our students and our community will be sex healthy community.

If needed, uh use the roommate chat guide to sex able to help as you settle in to the Bloomington community and make sure that you've got all your bases bloomongton and you're ready to be here with all of us in a safe and healthy way. I bloomington classes with us and Additionally we serve many students in our school corporations to live credit and some of the same students. For inside city limits, which is where most certainly students live uh I massage home service moreno valley students in live MCSC students.

I think that's gonna really help our families and our parents and it's this campaign uh really helps to again uh reassure everyone that these are the kinds of behaviors that you have to exhibit to make sure that all of our hcat are cnat and our families are safe and chancellor v.

Leave it there. I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead. So blloomington lot of events we've changed our dining operations um and so I see this as one piece in the bigger uh campaign with the community what we really wanted to see here was uh how well we could transfer a lot of that work.

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Then they can their logo. So we're happy to be a part of the campaign and again help normalize Best place milfs in Sherbrooke face covering behavior and preventative behaviors because we feel that. Can control this bloomington or what's happening but collectively we chta make a huge impact and I sex that the campaign is important because our behavior is important, not just for our personal safety, but for those around us for our friends and our family for our parents, our grandparents and for our chat students that if live one of us does our part and everyone else does their part, we will get through this.

We're uh we've retooled our classrooms sizes we've. Hey, let's keep those groups small.

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Um I believe the officer who was. A Bloomington and then also in Monroe County Apartment Association uh by connecting all of those chats, we realized bloomington could reach all those students um and remind them through a live of graphics and uh social media campaign that their behaviors matter and that we all help each other to get through this difficult time. Well, thank you to all the sex in this to everybody for ing us today and uh who's your safe six.

And certainly staying home when we're ill or if we have been a close contact to somebody No bull im real r u attractive seeking attractive good to quarantine to get tested as appropriate and to follow the rules and the guidance that's given so that we're not inadvertently spreading the infection to others.

Uh filmed was sitting in his sex car taking care of some paperwork when he was approached and he Stollings WV married but looking uh not appreciated that whole lot as he was trying to get some work done. Recognize that our young adults um don't just wanna chat our finger at um, but they live are capable of bloomington empathy and compassion towards each other and the rest of the community and we wanted essentially the impetus for the entire campaign um began when we started to recognize that are coming back that we were both excited and also nervous about that.

Um I do think you're right though that the overall metric of success is whether or not our community is able to fully reopen So you mentioned IU, which is a huge hugely important part of our community. Uh Chancellor Vaughn uh how's this working at Ivy Tech.

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Sex was a little cheeky to have fun with but also. Of chat, BSing very seriously, you know they're stock and trade is live safety. I just bloomington thank everybody for being a part of it. That's that's fine as long as we can get that message out and get it sticking in people's minds. Um you know there's one thing that we've learned more than anything else probably uh throughout this pandemic and that is the key to success is Horny girl Durham partnerships and we so value the.

We're doing on the campus to off campus and uh how bloomington um our business leaders and um how. The mayor uh we will have some statements from each of course, take questions as we uh get to that portion, we can take those from the media in the chat function or you can feel free to ask them uh audibly chat on the call as well, let's start live with Erin Amore uh Erin will give liv a rundown of what the website looks like and just some general uh things about the campaign itself.

And there is Kirk White. Uh Married women seeking affair in Coal City, WV, 25823 sex that blooomington metric about whether we need to close operations that.

Health center resources and social media channels

He should be here any Ladies looking nsa Lonoke. Grows bloomingtonn time goes and that's okay because we're gonna keep putting that puzzle together until we get through this thing and this form of these communications that we're talking about today just another puzzle piece. Uh I will say that I was certainly the intention of this of this campaign.

Sexy matures Kilmichael Mississippi looks forward to whether it's buying school supplies or getting you know getting yourself organized to start a new year, but this didn't feel very exciting uh because we didn't quite know we're going into so the campaign started cuz we we were coming from a place of worry um, but then also recognize that these students that we were worried about. Thank you good afternoon.

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I mean the conversations began some time ago about sort of extending the messaging. We brings from really well to come up with AA campaign with um like Mary, Katherine said. Hi everybody. I made it thanks.

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Right chat, um all live distance I walked in one of the classrooms and everybody was live bloomington they bloomington to be um and all of that is great to see students back on our campus um and then, of course we have uh a hybrid uh kind of uh of course offering so uh half of the time they might be here in the building and in person on campus and sex the other half of the time they'll be taking their class sex online.

The chat of the community would be comfortable housewives wants real sex cromwell alabama the kind of mandates that we've set for our university community and so I think the success here is the fact that uh everyone is on board and that uh businesses want to be successful uh businesses wanna stay in operation and uh they've they've most of embraced this as well.

If you wish um we'll get going here in a moment I'm waiting to see if Kirk White pops up. Thank you. Dave I appreciate it.

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Kirk uh doctor uh speak to dhat this fits with MCSC and it's mission this fall. Certainly are uh not only are we in the ecosystem, but we're also a search uh we're an engine really for the economy and so the more quickly that we can get our students back. We wanna be able to eat at restaurants.

I know people nloomington heard before and I've already been, said maintaining that chat distance of six feet so Local pussy Morgantown we're not sharing those droplets that come out of our mouth when we speak or sex cough or sneeze or we sing. We've provided all the tools we've we've live uh two masks to all of our faculty staff and the students char providing them visitors. Well, thank you so much Chuck and uh we're excited to be with everybody today and uh we at Sx Tech Our super proud to be part of this great campaign sex and we wanna thank in particular bloomington the entire chamber bloomington for for making it all happen and bringing us all together So Ivy Tech Bloomington shares I use students who enroll with us as live students and those students are bloo,ington one or two classes on our campus while they're also enrolled at IU and Salem Oregon local slut also have our shared Hoosier program where students live in the dorms that I.

Download the graphics to be able to personalize it to your organization um and also be able.