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  1. hey dear,i have been reading ur blog for quite sometime,and i loved it,u have really easy way to understand the step by step makeup,could u do a makeup tutorial for me for my brothers engagement,i am wearing a patiala suit, which has gold,purple and parrot that okey for you?

    1. I would love to :) would it be possible for you to send a pic of your dress so that I can understand the colors better :) also let me know when is this function so that I can try to do a look before that :)

  2. thank you,actually the function is coming sat 31 august 2013.i have sent the pictures in your email already..

  3. Wow, I really love your eyes <3. Too bad, my asian eyes cannot get that look :(

  4. hey parita,i have sent u an email,did u receive it?

  5. can you do a look on pakiza? I been trying to understand her makeup in that movie not been able to achieve that look y

  6. i would mean a lot if you check my channel


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