About Me

A makeup addict, passionate baker, a loving wife and love all things turquoise!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my blog Vanity Treasures! This blog is my way of expressing my love for makeup and a creative outlet for all the crazy experiments I do :)

A little bit about my skin type
I am a NC42 in MAC having Olive/Tan skin tone with strong yellow under tones
Skin type - Oily to combination
Skin problems - Hyper pigmentation around mouth, Acne scarring and spots! Yikes!!

Below are some of my favorite brands

Make Up
Foundation - MAC
Concealers - MAC and Colorbar Stick concealer
Eyeliners - Faces and Colorbar
Eyeshadows - Inglot and MAC
Lipsticks - Revlon, Maybelline, L'oreal way too many :)
Blushes - Nars, TheBalm and Sleek
Makeup Removers - Maybelline or L'oreal both work equally good, Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion

Skin Care
Cleaners/Face Wash - Vichy, Sebamed and Avene
Moisturizers - Vichy Normaderm moisturizer
Exfoliators - Clarisonic Mia!
Masks - Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask and Himalaya Neem Face Mask
Night Creams - Glyco-A 12%, Vichy's Normaderm Nuit Cream
Eye Care - Avene contour eye cream

Favorite stuff other than makeup!!
TV Series - Friends, Modern Family, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy!
Color - LOVE Turquoise!!
Food - Homemade food and can live on pani puri :) also love Italian cuisine a lot!
Passion - Love to bake! can bake anytime or the day or night :)

I hope you all enjoy and keep coming back!


  1. I have following your reviews on IMBB and now your Vanity Treasures. Your reviews and experiments are super good,Way to go!

    1. Thank you so much Shiela..really appreciate your support :)

  2. Could you please write about hair and hair care !

  3. Hi Parita,

    You are really sweet and hot look. Your hair are awsome. Just wanted to know if this oil will for men?

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  5. Great blog. I dont have a fb/bloglovin a/c.
    I was wondering if I could follow you on twitter or google+.
    Cudnt find any link here :(

  6. hi..
    could i know where do you purchase your skin care products especially, Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask ??

  7. hi..
    could i know where do you purchase your skin care products especially, Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask ??

  8. hi,parita mam
    i am a very very big fan of you, and the your blogs "vanity treasures" ans "IMBB" i keep on reading your reviews on makeup and cosmetics thank you for your reviews :) recently i purchased many makeup products after reading ur tips and reviews and they are very nice. good job..

  9. hi parita, i tried to get this oil from drugneed.com, but there am not seen that product, plz reply me how i can purchase it?

    1. Hi Rajesh..sorry no idea..I get it locally procured by medical shops and they do get it..try to get in touch with cantharidine website contact person and get the local dealers details

  10. Hi parita,

    I have a combination skin especially the cheek area is very dry and the T zone is oily. I have tried Glycol 6 which was prescribed by my skin doc. Bought 12% recently and will be trying it. I just want to know that can i try Sebamed clear face cleansing foam for my skin? My cheek area is very sensitive and turns red due to dryness. I use Olay 7 signs cream + serum in the morning.

    1. Hi Roopa..yes you can try Sebamed..it does not dry out my skin..even I have combination skin and it works well for me...hope this helps


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