Siam Seas Skincare Overview & Interview With The Founder Supadra Geronimo + Giveaway & Discount Coupon!

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I have been enjoying Siam Seas products for almost over a month now and as you all know I love them! I was immediately drawn to the unique south asian ingredients, I remember I wanted to try them all and I still do! I purchased the Purifying Herbal Head To Toe Mask and since I really wanted to try the face oil and serum I messaged the founder/owner Supadra for samples and she kindly added them to my order! I remember when I first time used the mask I was thrilled! When you hear words like purifying you immediately think of clay based mask with bunch of essential oils to clarify and purify your skin but NO this mask is different! It is one of the most gentle mask I have ever used! To find out more about this mask and to know why I love it so much read my previous post on my May 2016 monthly favorites here.

So after trying the mask I had high expectations from the serum and balm and boy they do not disappoint! Lets start with the balm first! SEAS Beauty Elements Balm comes in green forest like color with delicious jasmine scent. The fragrance is sweet, herbal and earthy... very different than anything I have ever tried. The texture soft and melts upon contact with skin.  The way she suggested to use is to massage the balm on damp skin and later follow with the serum. Twilight BeCalm Serum is gorgeous saffron coloured and has similar sweet and earthy fragrance. I have used both the balm and serum quite a few times in my routines and absolutely love them! They are perfect on their own but work even better if layered especially after a mask or even chemical treatment. 

If you remember my review of the Niod Flavanone Mud Mask few weeks back you would know thats its an amazing mask but the downside is that it leaves behind a strong stinging sensation after its rinsed off! I don't have very sensitive skin but the last time I used this mask the stinging sensation was way too high and it almost felt like burning and it wasnt coming down even after few mins. I sprayed some mist and immediately applied Siam Seas Beauty Elements Balm and followed by the Twilight BeCalm Serum and viola! Within matter of mins my skin calmed down and the stinging/burning sensation went away! I truly was shocked and immediately messaged Supadra to let her know and thank her for her wonderful creations! Thats when we started talking and one thing led to another and I requested her to do an interview for my readers and she generously agreed!

So without any further delay lets get started with the interview! Enjoy reading!

Please tell us something about yourself and how Siam Seas was born?
I was born in Thailand. Growing up spending majority of my time with my beloved grandmother, which also means a lot of time in the herbs room in the kitchen. For as far as I remembered, my grandmother was always in the kitchen either cooking or mixing some kind of potions for skin or medicine for all our boo boo. My grandmother instilled tremendous knowledge of herbs within me since the young age. I remembered feeling so serene every time she and I were in the kitchen making our potion and use it on ourselves.

 However, Life completely changed when I moved to the States. I started pursuing Billiard and competing in the professional level. My focus was shifted - I didn't take care of myself but rather focus on my career. At some point I did not even own a lotion or sunscreen. I thought my youthful skin didn't really need care or protection - it looked good the way it was. It was such awakening moment when all at once, I started breaking out all over, having pre-mature wrinkles and sunspots. Next thing I know I am covering it up with thick makeups all the time, no one ever saw my bare skin, my self confidence plummeted, it was such a dark little corner I was in and I know I wasn't happy. So I started looking for a cure, I tried everything on the market that said wrinkle reducing, acne curing, spot brightening and nothing worked. It wasn’t until a bare, emotional time of my honeymoon in Hawaii - after sometime to decompress, reflect of where Im from and who I am combined with a stumble upon an herbal handmade soaps store. I started to reconnect with my roots remembering why I didn't have this skin outburst before. Not only because my grandmother had always taken care of my skin care routine, the diet was different, my mom made sure of that. Suddenly it was all coming back to me. I decided to fly home after looking everywhere for the ingredients that had worked magic on my skin and I just wasn't able to find them. At home, I met with a long time friend who is already a step further in the natural path, together we work with Thai herbalists and alternative doctor to create a exotic and effective hair, bath and body products. Through the process I learned from our team of herbalists how plants work together, its properties and how to extract them to formulate a complex skin potion that heals my skin. It is formulated by me for my personal use and when I see how amazing they are on my skin I started sharing with my family and friends. Not only the stunning result but the history of these botanicals are so captivating to me and I want to share them with you.

What are your favorite ingredients that you incorporate in your skincare line and their benefits?
Hmm I have so many favorites but my long-time love would have to be Thanaka.  Thanaka has a potent detoxifying, oil absorbing and pore tightening properties. It also has a strong natural sun protection and works as cooling aid to help release heat from skin. It is the first thing I reach for when Im out of balance and breaking out. During monthly cycle especially when my hormone is off the chart and my skin is a bit oily. It is the main ingredient in the herbal mask.
I also love
-     Plai – historically used on Thai boxers to reduce inflammation after a fight or training. And if you ever see how they train Thai boxers, you will know how strong Plai is for anti-inflammatory. It’s a main ingredient in The SEAS Elements Beauty Balm
-     Clinacanthus Nutans - a very strong anti-toxin and ant-inflammatory. Such a powerful herb that In Thailand the main use of this plant is to treat inflammation from snake and insect bites as it neutralizes toxins from wounds. .  The Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum
-     Pueraria Mirifica – contain natural estrogen. Indigenous to Thailand. We use it to clarify and tightening our pores, helps brightening skin. And it cant be in anything other than the Purifying Herbal Mask

I’ll have to stop here before I go on to the next ten herbs that I love!

What sets Siam Seas apart from other natural skincare brands?
Siam SEAS is different because it brings something that is not yet known to the western side. These botanicals are used to heal skin effectively for centuries in respected healing method such as Ayurveda, Thai and Chinese alternative medicine. Each ingredient has its history.  Centuries of the cultivated knowledge of these botanicals - how they are used and their healing abilities are mind blowing and it is just too beautiful not to share.  Moreover, my line is focused on a super sensitive skin. I pick the ingredients not only from organic and wildcrafted sources for its extreme potency but I carefully pick only ingredients that do not congest a sensitive and problematic skin such as mine.  So it is well nourished and hydrated without getting congested.

What advice would you give to our readers to improve their skin conditions?
From first hand experience, great skin is combination of internal and external healing with internal being the utmost important. No matter how great skincare is, it can’t sustain a healthy and glowing skin if your diet is imbalanced and contains more toxin than your body can rid of. Next is stress management- you will be surprise how much your body releases hormone when your mind is stressed and how drastically it causes disruption in the whole balance system in your liver. And then we look into skincare. I believe in giving the skin the right tool at the right time to achieve a full potential in skin healing and having youthful appearance. As we age, our skin works slower, takes longer to repair, produces a lot less support. My best advice is to observe your skin, notice and take note of your individual rhythm. No one knows your skin better than you do. So listen to it.   if your skin is easily congested then manually exfoliate your skin (find your own rhythm, know how often your skin needs it) to help it rid of dead cells so it wont become a pore clogging agent, use repairing skincare for night time as I believe that it is the time your skin spends all its energy in healing itself and I use protective skincare during the day to help defend and protect it from the environmental aggression that causes moisture loss and free radical to go hay wired.

Can you please share some of your favorite products from your line and why?

SEAS Element beauty balm - if I could only take one thing with me, this is it. I love the texture, the scent, the color and most of all how it brightens my skin and refines my pores. It hydrates and nourish without leaving a greasy feel. It’s incredible and my most treasured skin treat.

Twilight BeCalm Skin serum - This serum is unique in a way that it uses the herb that’s culturally used to treat inflammation from snake bites. Its ability to calm inflammation is so incredible. The delicious organic oils, organic butter and organic aloe gel emulsify when shaken creating this gorgeous, fast absorbing serum that your skin drinks it right up.

Purifying Herbal Mask - ahh this is my special girl :) She is like a wonder woman. She is versatile and will turn into a mask that best fit your skin on the day. My skin is not always the same, some days are dryer, some days are oilier, some days are flared up with inflammation. But I can make the mask that’s best treat my skin on that day by adding different liquid mixture. Liquid suggestion is put in each box for your convenience but if you want to play skin chef, this mask can still be a part of your ritual.

Can you please share your skincare/makeup/haircare routine with us?
I rarely use make up anymore - only on rare occasions. But when I do my skin LOVES Vapour beauty
My morning routine is very simple. On the normal days, I dontwash my face in the morning. I spritz rose water on my skin then I massage the secret face serum I have formulated (to be released soon!). If my skin is overly oily, I use the purifying herbal mask mix with water into a paste and cleanse my skin with it first before spritz and serum. If I am dealing with dark scar then I put on spots treatment after serum (Also releasing the spot treatment soon too, promise!)
On body, I use The Radiance of Love Body Oil, our soon to be released in body collection, all over my skin..the scent is incredible. And the history is amazing. I can’t wait to share with you.  If I am going to be in the sun in a long period of time Zatik is my preferred sun protection. The texture is so light and it doesn’t have white streak. And I’m out the door.

The evening routine is when I take my time and I breathe. I exfoliate every other day with either Mangosteen fine facial scrub or Turmeric and Thanaka facial scrub.
On the day I am not exfoliating I use a cleansing balm (soon to be released) with cleansing cloth. I love this cleansing balm! Its so unique!
If I mask (2 times a week), it will be the next step I do. I will conjure up the liquid mixers depending on how my skin feels lately. 
Then with mask, or cleansing balm on, I jump in a shower with my favorite handmade soap Turmeric or Papaya soaps. Or I use Noni and Honey or Lakoocha body scrubs. I cant get over the scents of these two.
I wash my hair every other day, so I usually coordinate it on the day I scrub. So when I do I have more time to soak in the hair mask while I scrub. I use coconut (it reminds me of home), rice and silk protein, butterfly pea. These are my favorites so I have 3 of them at hand and I rotate them depending on my mood that day.
After cleansing steps my moisturizing steps are pretty much consistent. I use the SEAS Elements Beauty Balm on my completely wet face. I skip towels altogether.  I massage the balm until the lavender and herbal scent transfer into jasmine scent. Then I apply the twilight BeCalm Serum and take my time to gently press this aloe gel + oils emulsifying serum onto my skin as I breathe and relax. I do spot treatment if needed. Then I slather on the white tea and rice body butter on my wet body. Towel dry my hair. And I am off to bed.

(Love that smile!)

What should readers expect from Siam Seas in future? Any new products in the making? Can you please share some details?
The ultimate goal of Siam SEAS is to bring these incredible healing ingredients from the forest of Southeast Asia to spotlights and to combine synergistically with the wonderful botanicals from the rest of the world for skin healing. So you will start seeing more of the magical potion of luxurious and exotic skin treats from Siam SEAS.

I have quite a few products in the making - mostly in the refining stage. The next two that will be released are essential and quickly becoming my favourites  One of them is a cleansing balm – formulated using traditional Ayurveda pulling and cleansing oil combined with Southeast Asian herbal extracts. It comes in a balm state so it is easy to apply, it melts into oil once massage on the skin. NO drips, no mess. It not only cleanses skin without strip your acid mantle but also help neutralising toxin within your cells. It has enzymes that will eat away those dead skin cells making your dull skin brighter and more dewy after, plus the scent is so amazingly uplifting. Next is a spot treatment. Inflammation is my worst enemy. It creates dark scars that would last for months. So I have created a spot treatment that not only lighten the dark spot and help it heal faster than I could imagine, it also stops the acne and inflammation its track. For body collection, I have the most romantic body oil called The Radiance of Love. It uses oil that has traditionally been used on the bride for ultimate glowing skin before the walk down the aisle, combined with the most exotic flower oils of Asia. It smells so romantic, in fact it has becoming my personal scent and I get asked all the time of what I use as purfume. This body oil is lightweight and not greasy at all. It’s so wonderful! I promise I will be releasing them soon. I can’t wait to share these two items with you.

Isnt she amazing? I am so thankful to her for doing this interview for my readers. She has also offered a special discount for my readers, use the code Parita and get 15% off your entire order.. (non affiliate) ...And did I mention she offers free US shipping on all her orders? Yes! Also you can reach her anytime if you have any questions or queries, she replies back immediately! Best customer service ever! 

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Until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. Wow, what a great interview! So nice to learn more about this brand and Supadra too. Learning about how using an ingredient w/Thai boxers was really a new thing to me, I had no idea and I have never seen Thai boxing before actually with how they train but I imagine the balm must help them! Looking forward to trying this brand at some point! I really would love to (wow a coupon code is so nice! so nice of her) and def will be trying out for your giveaway, so nice of you and congrats dear on 1k!! :)


  2. Hi Parita..I recently purchased the siam seas products to calm my inflamed skin and bumps on my face. Do you also suggest using the YOU hydrating serum along with siam seas? Thank you,


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