Colourpop Back To Cool Lippie Stix Set Review and Swatches

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Colourpop Back To Cool Collection was released as part of their Fall 2015 out of which Forever Freshman set I have already reviewed here and today I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on the Back To Cool Collection!

Colourpop Back To Cool collection consists of 6 lippie stix ranging from neutrals to brights and purples! Its the perfect collection of shades for fall and winter! The shades present in this set are
-> Choker - Light cool-toned beige in a Crème finish
-> Mosh Pit- Mid-tone warm brown in a Matte finish
-> TGIF- True brick red in a Matte finish
-> Baewatch- Dusty rose in a Matte finish
-> Out of Sync- Bright blue fuchsia in a Matte finish
-> Too Sexy- Deep red violet with a subtle blue flash in a Matte finish

Colourpop back to cool collection swatches
Starting L-R: Choker, Mosh Pit, TGIF, Out Of Sync, Baewatch, Too Sexy

As with all colourpop lippie stix these are no different! The pigmentation is amazing across all 6 shades! They are creamy and glide on the lips without any tugging. Colourpop has mastered the formula of lippie stix as these are super long lasting and even after a complete meal they fade evenly and not patchy like some lipsticks! Darker shades do leave behind a light stain which I personally like. At the same time they are removed easily using a makeup remover, I use micellar water like Bioderma for removing and never had any issues. Overall the set is perfect and I can't really fault it! Highly recommended!

Price:- 30$


Rating:- A+

Colourpop back to cool swatches

Hope the review and swatches were helpful, until next time take care and stay beautiful!


  1. Moshpit and choker are such lovely shaes.

  2. hello!!! I know this is really weird and random for me to ask... but I really needed to ask you for a favour.. I recently read that you helped (ANKITA from get her items shipped out!
    I really wanted your help by asking how did you do that, because the problem that im facing is either here in Delhi, whosoever is selling colourpop cosmetics is selling them at 3 times the original price, which is really crazy especially when I want to buy not one but quiet a few of their products. please can you let me know how did you help her out!
    love and regards

    1. Ravpreet..I couriered her stuff from here US (she is a friend) but I dont take any orders for colourpop, i think colourpop does ship to india pls check on their website

  3. thankyou so much! jus one last question can you let me know on an average how much did you pay for shipping for around an order of $100 so i can try arranging for someone to make an order on my behalf!! plz!
    thanks and love

    1. Shipping from US to India is quite expensive, the non tracking version starts from 20$ and it goes upto 70$, it totally depends upon the service you choose and the weight of your package. Check usps website for details on the same


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