My ColourPop Lippie Stix and Lip Pencil Collection , Swatches and Comparisons (Pics Heavy)

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I am sure you know whats coming by reading the title of this post. Yes! I finally jumped on the Colourpop bandwagon..better late than never right? Infact I have been on a Colourpop kick lately and boy I am in love. After a long time I have fallen in love with a brand so much that I want to literally try all of their products. So today Ill be sharing with you all my current collection of lip liners and lippie stix's.....yeah thats what they call their lipsticks..lippie cute isnt it? Ill also be sharing some comparison swatches and dupes from MAC, LORAC and other high end as well as drugstore brands. So lets get started!

Colourpop debuted last year with their unique formula and wide range of eyeshadows and lippie stix's and were highly raved for the quality and price. All of their eyeshadow, lippie stix and lip liners are 5$ a piece which in my opinion is fantastic especially now since I have tried quite a few of them and I can vouch for their amazing quality. Every lippie stix has a matching lip liner available so you can have the perfect combo everytime. The lippie stix come in various finishes ranging from matte, satin, cream and more recently launched sheer. I have 10 of their lippie stix's and 4 lip liners in my collection currently and I truly love all of them!

The packaging is very simple and basic. All of their products come in white plastic packaging with silver writing on it. All their lippie stix's are twist up tubes and lip pencils are standard need to be sharpened. The bottom of the lippie stix's and lip pencils are color coordinated as you can see below in the pics which definitely makes life a lot easier if you have quite a few of these in your collection. I have worn most of the shades and let me tell you I am yet to be disappointed! They are creamy and buttery, even the ones that are matte finish glide on lips beautifully without tugging.The staying power is incredible especially for the deeper shades. They stayed on my lips for 6-7 hours and they do stain a bit.

The lip pencil shades I have are (from L-R)
Bound - which is a dupe for MAC Whirl lip liner
Tootsi - Greyish beige shade..GORGEOUS!
Lumiere - Mauvy Pink, this shade was developed by the adorable KathleenLights on YT.
Fern - Bright Magenta Purple

swatches of colourpop bound lumiere tootsi fern
Colourpop Bound Lip Pencil, Colourpop Tootsie Lip Pencil, Colourpop Lumiere Lip Pencil, Colourpop Fern Lip Pencil

Below are some comparison swatches for your reference. Starting left to right
MAC Half Red, MAC Pink Treat, MAC Soar, Estee Lauder Tawny, Colourpop Lumiere, Colourpop Bound, MAC Beurre and Essence Satin Mauve

As you can see Colourpop Bound and MAC Beurre are quite similar, infact I have tried both on the lips and they are very close dupes!

MAC Soar and Estee Lauder Tawny are almost exact dupes for each other, Colourpop Lumiere is also very similar just a bit lighter and MAC Pink Treat is a bit deeper and brighter.

colourpop bound swatches, mac whirl dupe, mac soar dupes, colourpop lumiere, mac half red swatch, essence satin mauve swatch, mac beurre swatch, mac beurre dupe

Lippie Stix starting from L-R
Lady - Its one of my favorite shades, very similar to MAC Bad Girl Riri
LBB - Deep plum
Bichette - Deep Red
Flawless - Exact dupe for MAC Rebel
Heart On - Bright Magenta Pink, heard its dupe for MAC Girl About Town, I don't own GAT so can't confirm
Fern - Bright Purple, dupe for MAC Riri Boy
Lumiere - Another of my favorite! Mauve Pink shade
Pinch - Dusty coral brown
Tootsi - Beige Greyish shade..another must have!
Brink - Coral with pink undertones

Colourpop LBB, Colourpop Lady, Colourpop Bichette, Colourpop Flawless, Colourpop Heart On, Colourpop Pinch lippie stix, colourpop tootsi lippie stix, colourpop brink, colourpop fern lippie stix

Here are few comparisons Left is Colourpop Lumiere and Right Stila Patina Liquid lipstick, as you can see both belong to same color family, patina is complete matte finish and a bit deeper while Lumiere even though being  matte finish has a satin look to it.

Stila Patina Dupe

Colourpop Flawless is exact dupe for MAC Rebel and Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy
MAC Rebel Dupe, Colourpop Flawless, Wet n wild Sugar Plum Fairy

Colourpop Heart On is very similar to Estee Lauder Fuschia Fever
MAC girl about town dupe, Colourpop Heart On Swatch, Estee Lauder Fuchsia Fever

Colourpop Lady is a very unique shade and the closest match I had in my collection is MAC Del Rio
MAC Bad girl riri dupe, Colourpop Lady lippie stix, MAC Del Rio dupe, MAC Del Rio Swatch, MAC Del Rio lipstick, MAC Private Party dupe

Colourpop Fern is deeper version of Lorac Alter Ego lipstick in Goddess, the same goes for Colourpop Fern lip liner which is deeper version of Nars El Agua lip liner.
lorac alter ego goddess, colourpop fern, colourpop fern lippie stix, nars el agua lip liner dupe,

I hope the swatches and comparisons were helpful, detailed review with lip swatches will be up shortly once I finish testing them all. Do share if you have tried this brand and which ones are your favorites. I would love to check them out. Until next time take care and stay beautiful!


  1. Woofffffffffff
    that's bombbbbbbastic

  2. Lovely Parita and such pretty swatches :-)

  3. Ahh, I just placed my first ever order a while back, damnit, i wish I'd picked up Tootsie, just wasn't sure if it would look good on my skintone.. so I got Lumiere and Brink instead. BAAAH.
    Amazeballs swatches, next time I'm placing an order, I'll get Tootsie!

    1. Tootsi is definitely a must have shade for us!

  4. I have the Bound Lippie Stix and it doesn't look good on me at all :( but the pencil looks so much better! I love the comparisons Parita - that must have taken ages!

    1. Thank you Aditi! Bound lippie stix is way too light I feel but I love the lip pencil!

  5. <3 awesome colors... this brand sounds really great ;-)

    1. Colourpop is amazing! super affordable and great quality! you should definitely give it a try! Thank you

  6. <3 awesome colors... this brand sounds really great ;-)


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