Weekend Ramblings: Office, Baking, Wisdom Tooth etc!

Hey Everyone,

I know I have been MIA since a week now and I sincerely apologize for that, I have been insanely busy at work last couple of weeks to an extent I hardly found time to prepare lunch/dinner for myself! Yes it was that bad! On top of that my wisdom tooth started to pain and I had to take some pretty heavy medications to get it under control. Thank god its much better now but I do need to visit my dentist to get an x-ray done :(

Anyways I am hoping things will stabilize in couple of weeks, until then please excuse my irregular postings. I promise to be back posting regularly as soon as possible! In such times the only thing that makes me happy is baking cakes! Yes I am a bakeholic! Is that even a word? Anyways not sure if you all know but I do have a separate food blog Parita's World where I do share my experiments with cooking and baking. I have been baking since a very long time and depending upon the amount of free time I get I do take cake orders as well. Baking is very therapeutic for me and helps me to de-stress :)

Sharing below few of my cake pictures which made in last couple of months. Enjoy!

Rosettes, Basket Weave  Cake

Petals Cake

Racing Car Track Cake

Thank you so much for reading my rants and ramblings. Until next time take care and stay beautiful



  1. Those cakes are beautiful!! You are multi talented and I really admire the way you handle all things so well, you have a job and yet are running 2 successful blogs .. Hats off to you! Take your own time :)

  2. Wow! Your cakes are truly incredible, where did you learn to decorate so well?

  3. so inspired by u!! I am unable to handle just one blog and u manage 2 of them so well!! and the cakes look so delicious and adorable!!


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