Wash You Hair Using Home Made All Natural Reetha Shampoo

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I get a lot of questions asked about my hair, what all products I use or if there is any special routine I follow. The answer is no I don't follow any special routine as such apart from oiling my hair 2 to 3 times a week and washing them using home made shampoo of Soap Nuts or Reetha as we know them.

I have always had long thick hair right from the beginning all thanks to my parents(genes) and the extra effort my mom took in maintaining our hair during the childhood days. But as we grow older especially with the kind of lifestyle we live it becomes really difficult to maintain the same healthy routine for hair and exactly the same happened with me as well. I don't have perfect hair, life everyone else I do suffer from hair fall every now and then, split ends etc you name it and I have had it! But there are certain products or routine's which always come to my rescue and which I have been going back to again and again!

I always always oil my hair using Cantharidine Hair Oil which I have already reviewed here. Its the only hair oil I have used since childhood days and will keep on using forever! Infact I have even got Mr D addicted to this hair oil. I get a lot of queries on where to find this hair oil. I usually find them in my local medical stores, even if they don't stock them if you request them they do get it for you or I have seen it online on drugneed.com though personally I have never shopped from them. 

I usually oil my hair at night and wash it off the next morning. For washing my hair I use reetha shampoo which I make at home. For making the shampoo you need soap nuts or reetha or areetha whatever you want to call them, these are easily available in grocery stores. I have long hair hence I need quite a good number soap nuts. I usually take couple of handful of soap nuts and soak them over night in a vessel. Boil this mixture of soap nuts and water the next morning for 15 to 20 mins, this will make them soft. The more you boil the concentrated will be the shampoo.

Cool down the mixture until it comes to room temperature or is slightly warm. Using your hands gently mash the soap nuts, this will extract all the juices from them. Strain the liquid and use it to wash your hair. This can be tricky for initial few times but once you get hang of it you'll see the results. It will take couple of washes to remove the oil fro hair, also note until unless the oil is not completely removed it won't lather up. But once all oil is removed it will lather up nicely, not as good as normal shampoos but you can feel the foam.

-> It makes my hair soft and silky
-> All natural without any harmful chemicals
-> Definitely see a reduction in hairfall whenever I use this as compared to normal shampoos
-> Gives amazing volume to my hair
-> No more limp hair!
-> Controls frizz and fly away's
-> Makes my hair thick and imparts a lot of healthy shine
-> Deep cleanses the scalp as well as hair effectively
-> Helps with itchy scalp and dandruff
-> Definitely helps in hairfall
-> Made my hair manageable! No tangles!

These are some benefits which I personally have experienced. The benefits may vary from person to person as everyone's hair type is different and so are their needs. This shampoo can be a little drying for hair if over done and hence I highly recommend to oil your hair first and then this use shampoo. In the below pic you can see my hair after washing it using this reetha shampoo, I have not used any conditioner or serum afterwards. This photo was taken approx after 1 hour of washing my hair and letting them air dry.

And now lets answer few of the most common queries I receive about hair care

Will this shampoo completely stop my hairfall? 
-> The answer is NO! Hairfall can happen due to many reasons like dandruff, irregular diet, stress, certain medical conditions etc. If you are facing too much hairfall I would highly advise to visit a dermatologist and get your scalp checked! Also get prescribed biotin supplements, trust me they do help! Also little bit of hairfall is very much normal as bad as it sounds its a fact! What this shampoo will do is to make your hair healthy and impart natural shine, it also helps in effectively cleansing your scalp and hair without using harmful chemicals like SLES, parabens, silicons etc. All this helps in reducing the hairfall which we commonly face when using chemical based shampoos and conditioners.

Which supplements I use for hair?
-> I am currently using biotin supplements which were prescribed to me by my dermatologist and fish oil supplements. Its almost 9 months since I had my last hair cut and I have very few split ends! I believe its all due to fish oil supplement, I am a vegetarian so this gives me the much needed omega 3

Does this mean I don't use shampoo and conditioner? No of course not! I use them! As much as I loving washing my hair using reetha it is definitely a time consuming process and hence when I am in a rush or just don't have that extra 30 mins to wash my hair I do use shampoo and conditioners, however slowly I am trying to switch completely to reetha shampoo as it does wonders for my hair and I am ready to put in that extra bit of effort if it helps to make my hair healthy and impart natural shine!

Hope this post was helpful, please understand I am by no means an expert on hair care and all the opinions expressed here are from my own experiences.

Until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. even your hair is so pretty.. *___*

  2. that is such a detailed post.. n ur hair are so so lovelllyyyy.. <3 <3 ..
    u do so much effort to maintain them..

  3. wow.. thanks for sharing this Parita!! your hair are amazing.. my mom used to wash my hair with this reetha and shikekai shampoo when I was a kid.. I had good hair back then.. I should start using it again :D

    1. definitely start it again..the result makes it worth while :)

  4. Im a lazy bum and once in a while i use curd and methi for my hair...u do so much effort...but i must say u have gorgeous hair!

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