Spot Clean Your Makeup Brushes With MAC Brush Cleanser: Review and Demo

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MAC Brush Cleanser

This post has been long overdue and sitting in my drafts section since last year. I picked up MAC Brush Cleanser after hearing fantastic reviews from all my friends and how this is a must have product. Before this I would generally deep clean my makeup brushes using baby shampoo and I still do on weekly basis so you would ask what has changed? Why MAC brush cleanser? Read on to find out!

MAC Brush Cleanser retails for 650 INR for 235ml across all MAC counters in India. Recently MAC has increased the prices of most of their products however I am not sure if the price of their brush cleanser has also been hiked..I hope NOT!

MAC Brush Cleanser Review

The cleanser comes in a white frosted plastic bottle with a flip cap dispenser. The packaging is very basic and simple which totally works for me however I do have one big issue with the packaging and that is the dispenser! MAC suggests to apply the cleanser to damp brushes and run them on tissue paper to remove the makeup stains. How does one apply a cleanser on brushes? When asked MAC SA they suggested to pour a little cleanser on tissue and run the brush on it to remove the stains however this results in too much wastage of product. I hope MAC comes out with a spray bottle soon, that will not only reduce the wastage of the product but also make it user friendly.

MAC Brush Cleanser India

I use this cleanser mainly for spot cleaning my makeup brushes and believe me when I say it is amazing! I like to use a clean brush every single time I apply makeup especially my foundation brushes so I always spot clean them before hand and keep. The best part about this cleanser is that it not only removes all makeup stains from the brushes but it also disinfects them without making them dry. Its a must have product for anyone who uses a lot of makeup brushes and wants something to spot clean your brushes in cases when other similar brushes are dirty and used or for someone like me who likes to spot clean and disinfect their makeup brush before using them.

Its such a life savior product especially for makeup artists as you don't have to use different brushes every time, one can just dab a little cleanser on the brush, run it on tissue and all the stains are removed, it dries instantly and is ready for next use! I some times do the same with my MAC 217 brush which I often use to an entire eye makeup look when I am in hurry and don't have clean brushes. Another reason I love MAC brush cleanser is that its not harsh on brushes and cleans them without making them dry and lifeless which many of alcohol based cleansers tend to do.

Overall its a must have product and will highly recommend it to everyone!

Rating:- 4.5 out of 5
(Deducted 0.5 for the flip open cap dispenser)

MAC Brush Cleanser Demo, How To Spot Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Have you used MAC Brush Cleanser? Do share your favorite makeup brush cleanser below, would love to check it out next time.

I hope the review was helpful, until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. hey, even I have this and using it since last septembe and love it..really an absolute necessity for a make up lover...

  2. Ahhh, I worry that getting this might make me lazy to actually clean my brushes :o

    1. lol Shlaya deep cleansing is a must but i love this one for spot cleaning :)

  3. I love using this brush cleaner to spot clean but I transferred a bit in a spare travel spray bottle. Makes usage so much easier and less wastage too.

    1. I so am doing that! spray bottle works great!

  4. Beautiful review! Must try for me :) xo

  5. this is in my wish list since long .. hoping to get it soon.. :)

    1. Mayuri if you use a lot of makeup brushes this is definitely a must have!

  6. Nicely Reviewed Babe :) .. I soo want it for My RT brushes now ;)


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