Top 5 Products of 2013: Skincare

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This is part II of my top 5 favorite products of the year series and today I'll be sharing my top 5 skincare products for the year 2013. You can check out my top 5 makeup products here
2013 year was quite rewarding for me in terms of skincare. I completely revamped my skincare and I am quite glad I did as my skin has been behaving quite well and the number of break outs are fairly less. So without any further delay let's get started!

1) Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam:- This has been my HG cleanser for couple of years now and I absolutely love it! I use it more as a treatment for acne rather than as a face wash. Its a must have if you are battling with acne!

2) Clinique Clarifying Lotion:- Love this toner! It works brilliantly well at keeping acne at bay! Currently trying out Anti blemish solution clarifying lotion and so far loving it!

3) Glyco - A 12%:- Glyco-A 12% is Glycolic Acid based cream which comes in a cream base. It contains 12% of glycolic acid which is a chemical exfoliator and works wonders for acne, dull skin, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. This is my 3rd tube so you can imagine how much I love it! I used this as a night cream every single day and it has helped my skin a lot! Detailed review coming up!

4) Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque:-  A fantastic mask for oily to acne prone skin, deep cleanses the pores and brighten's the skin. Check the link for the detailed review

5) Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water:- A fantastic multi purpose product which has become HG for me! Works amazingly well as a face mist, moisturizes the face, takes care of dry patches, helps in oil control and is an excellent hair softener! Check out the link for detailed review! 

So these were my top 5 favorite skincare products for the year 2013...which are your favorite products? Please do share them below!

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  1. Great Compilation. Loving clinique these days :D

  2. I want that Julep mask, Bio Water and that Glyclo tube.. :) :).. Adding them to my list!!
    Lovely post dear.. :)

  3. amazing compilation dear ... I want to try the Clinique toner ...

  4. I have not tried bio essence water and glyco cream...vl check these now!


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