Budget Beauty: ELF Studio Face Brush Reviews: Powder Brush, Blush Brush & Small Stipple Brush

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ELF Studio Powder Brush

I know I have been MIA but to my defense I have been battling with serious tooth infection since a week now and it was really bad to an extent where I had difficulty in eating food and talking. Currently I am on heavy antibiotics due to which the pain has reduced quite a lot but it makes me feel so drowsy! Anyways lets back to today's topic, I decided to share my views on some of the ELF Studio line face brushes which in my opinion are fantastic especially for the price they retail at 3$!

Currently I own three of ELF Studio line face brushes ELF Powder Brush, ELF Blush Brush and ELF Small Stipple Brush. I got these when I was in KL last year and have been using them ever since. 

Packaging:- All ELF Studio line brushes come in simple plastic packaging. The upper outer cover where the brush head is stuck on comes out easily if you drop the brush or even when you take it with you on a trip chances are it will easily come off. It happened with both my powder brush and blush brush but since inside is wood you can easily glue it back..I did the same.

ELF Blush Brush

ELF Powder Brush:- ELF Powder Brush is raved highly among the beauty bloggers especially in the US. Its a flat top brush with synthetic taklon bristles and is extremely soft! I typically use this brush for applying my MAC Studio Fix Powder foundation or any other powder. It buffs in the powders really well! I will not recommend it for liquid foundation as I tried once and it did not do a good job and made my foundation quite streaky! The bristles do not shed at all and feels extremely soft on face not scratchy at all. For 3$ its definitely worth the price! Highly Recommended!

ELF Small Stipple Brush

ELF Blush Brush:- This is my favorite brush out of the bunch! I love the size and shape of the brush, its perfect for applying blush due to it tapered shape it fits perfectly on the apples of my cheeks! The bristles are so soft and fluffy and picks up just the right amount of blush! I have been reaching for this brush more often than my Real Techniques Blush brush! Absolutely love it! Highly Recommended!

ELF Small Stipple Brush:- I got this purely on recommendation from Emily Noel! I love watching her channel BeautyBroadcast, love her in depth reviews on drugstore products. She mentioned about this ELF Small Stipple Brush for blending out cream products like blushes/highlighters etc. I don't own many cream products but I do like this brush for applying highlighters on the top of cheeks or when I am using highly pigmented blush and don't want to pick up too much product. This one is very similar to the Real Techniques Stipple Brush. A good brush to have if you love using cream products.

ELF Studio Brushes

Hope the review was helpful, until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. Would love to have them in my vanity... Nice post..

  2. Wow. Sounds great. Wish to add it to my collection.

  3. I have that stippling brush too and i got it too because of emily's reco and i really love it!

  4. get well soon.. nice review :)


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