Happy New Year 2014: Plans and Resolutions!!

Hey Everyone!!

I simply cannot believe how fast this year has gone by! So much happened in 2013 that it becomes difficult to summarize it in just one post but nevertheless it was a good year and I am hoping 2014 would be even a better one!

2013 was special in terms of my work and personal life, the first half of 2013 I spent in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the experience was amazing! It was also the first time I took time off from my work and adopted the role of a house wife which to be honest was quite difficult for me not in terms of managing the home but it was more of a conflict with my inner self as I am not used to sitting at home. This was also the time I released how much I missed my work and how important it was for me to be and feel independent. I absolutely salute to all women who work and balance their professional and personal life, I know how difficult it can get especially with kids!

2013 also marked a new beginning in my blogging journey as I started my own blog "My Vanity Treasures" to share and capture my experiences with makeup and beauty related stuff. This was one of the best decisions of my life and I truly have to thank Mr D for constantly pushing me to start my own blog and believing in me in times when I doubted my self! 

As far as plans and resolutions go I usually am not a person who would stick to a plan or live by rules and hence I never make any resolutions as I know I would never be able to fulfill them. But I definitely want to bring positive changes in my lifestyle especially in terms of eating healthier food, exercising regularly and practice meditation.

I also want to cut down on my splurging especially on makeup items, if you know me you would know I don't really do impulse purchases, most of my purchases are very calculated ones. But this new year I want to buy things only if I really need them and not buy them because of sales or good deals. Of course there will be moments of impulse splurges as after all I am a human being but I definitely will try to curb my unnecessary expenses

Another important promise I want to make to myself is to try and use products which I already have in my stash before buying new products or even back ups! So you would definitely see a lot of tutorials and makeup looks this year!

What are your new year resolutions? Any promises you made to yourself? Do share them below as I would love to read them and get inspired :)

Hope you all had a wonderful time this year with your family and friends and here's to a new beginning and may god shower his blessings on each and everyone of you! Stay blessed!

Until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. i dont take any resolutions seriously but looking for healthier happy life ahead..
    wishing u happy new year and hope ur dreams come true.all the best for ur resolutions and blog.

  2. Happy New year Parita...My resolution for this year is to use up the stuff that I have....and i will not be buying any makeup stuff just because of cute packaging...


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