2013 Amazing Finds - Skincare!!

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Cannot believe we have already come to an end of 2013! So today's post is continuation of the 2013 Amazing Finds tag, of which 1st part Makeup I shared with you all here and today I'll be sharing some amazing finds in skincare.

For me this year has been all about chemical exfoliators! Using products with Glycolic Acid was the biggest change I made in my daily skin care routine and it brought a world of difference to my skin! 

I haven't reviewed any of the mentioned products yet on the blog as I am planning to go a detailed post on Glycolic acid - What it is and how can it be beneficial very soon so stay tuned for that!

Some of the glycolic acid based products I have used and loved are Glyco-A 12%, Diacneal, Keracynl Complete Regulating Cream and recently discovered Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

Glyco-A - This cream comes in 6% and 12% and I started using the 12% directly but if you have very sensitive skin go for 6%. This is my third tube of Glyco-A so you can guess how much I love it! I used to use this every single night along with my Vichy night cream. Once I started using this cream my skin felt much more smoother and clearer also it helped me a lot with hormonal breakouts which I always get around my jaw and chin area, but with regular use of Glyco-A these hormonal breakouts have stopped completely!

Avene Diacneal - Again fantastic light weight cream with 6% glycolic acid and 0.1% retinol. This is very effective cream for reducing dark spots and pimple marks and also helps to keep the skin clear.

Keracynl cream - This is a recent discovery but I am absolutely loving it! Helps to keep my skin clear and has mix of salicylic acid and glycolic acid both work wonders for acne prone skin! It also helps to control the sebum production and I feel my skin feels balanced and produces less oil

Alpha-H Liquid Gold - I recently got my hands on it and have used it only couple of times so cannot really give a detailed review but so far I am definitely loving it! A good skin exfoliator!

What are your amazing finds in skincare for this year? Do share them below!

Until  next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. Parita glad you like liquid gold, but this seems like a lot of glycolic acid... Waiting to see how you use these in your routine.

    1. Supria..I don't use all these together :) this post was dedicated to glycolic acid as it was one of the best finds for me this year in skincare

  2. heard rave reviews about liquid gold, will wait to hear your views before getting one :D
    and rest of the products..... you are just my savior at the moment!! i strangely started breaking out, i never did in my teens till recently and i can't seem to find a away out!!
    now thanks to you.... i do have few questions though!
    when do you use Avene and keracynl?? too much glyco doesn't bother skin? mine is super sensitive and dries up to being flaky soon ...

    1. Sangeetha..I dont use all these products together..if your skin is sensitive I would suggest you to first visit derma or else start with lower concentrate of glycolic acid based cream like glyco-a 6%..also initially use 1 to 2 times a week, then alternate days and once your skin gets used to it go for everyday...glycolic will make your skin dry and it may peel a bit so sunscreen during day time is a must and also moisturize your face properly..if required follow up with a moisturizer after applying glycolic acid cream..use glycolic acid based products only during night time and not days
      Avene Tricneal is good when you have too many breakouts and Keracynl I am using as a night cream, it works well in keeping oil at bay for me
      Hope this helps

  3. I have read raves about liquid gold from britiah bloggers. Where did you buy all these from? If you had to recommend just one of these, which one do u think I should absolutely try?

    1. Dollie I got alpha-h from luxola.com, as for recommendation goes it would really depend upon your skin type and needs, i havent used alpha-h for a long time yet so cannot give my thoughts on it right now but i really do like glyco-a and Avene Tricneal..both are fantastic for oily to acne prone skin...i would recommend to start with glyco-a 6% which is milder to 12%..let you skin get used to glycolic acid..dont forget sunscreen during day time

  4. somehow i have not tried any of these...

    1. you dont have much problematic skin na :) touchwood

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