Vichy Purete Thermal 3 in 1 Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution Review

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Vichy Micellar Solution, Bioderma Sensibio

Makeup removal is probably the most important part of makeup routine which we often neglect resulting into clogged pores and acne. Since I have extremely dry and sensitive skin around my eyes and since I wear contact lenses I try to use makeup removers which are good for sensitive skin as well as which don't sting or irritate my eyes.

Micellar solutions have been raved so much in the blogging world especially the Bioderma one which is HG for so many of makeup artists! With micellar lotions becoming such a big thing many different brands have come out with their version of micellar solution and Vichy is one of them. I have very old relationship with Vichy as a brand and their products have always worked for me..well mostly. Love their Normaderm range for oily and acne prone skin. 

Vichy Purete Thermal 3 in 1 Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution was one of the very few products which I had tried from Vichy way back in 2010 and I really did enjoy it so once my current makeup remover finished I decided to try this again.

The micellar solution comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip open cap. The opening on the cap is not too small or not too big so its perfect. The micellar lotion is transparent, looks and feels exactly like water. The way I like to use is to dab a little on a cotton pad and lay it on my eyes for few seconds and then gently swipe it off. It does remove most of my stubborn eye makeup even mascara! The only problem I came across was that it did not remove long lasting makeup like waterproof mascara or kajal in one swipe, so if you love wearing waterproof makeup you may need to go over couple of times to remove all traces of makeup. For me personally it's not a big issue since I don't wear waterproof mascara or kohl but this may be a con for someone out there.

It is very light weight and gentle on skin, never caused any irritation or burning sensation in my eyes. I have even used it with contact lenses on and never had any issues. I also use this to remove my face makeup and it does a fabulous job! Never clogged my pores or caused break outs, does not leave behind any oily residue or dried out my skin so its perfect for all skin types!

The micellar lotion is described as alcohol free, soap free, colorant free suitable for sensitive skin and eyes. It does have a mild rose fragrance but its not strong at all so I really don't mind though I would rather have my skin care products fragrance free. All in all its a great makeup remover and I definitely recommend it to everyone! I only wish the price was a little less as spending 900 on a makeup remover seems a lot especially if you use makeup on daily basis this may not last you for more than a month or max two months!

Vichy Micellar Solution Review

After single swipe

After 3 swipes

Rating:- 4 out of 5

Price:- 890 for 200 ml

Will I repurchase? Yes! I do like how gentle it feels on my skin and for me it definitely removes most of my makeup without clogging my pores!

Have you used Vichy Micellar Solution or any other Micellar Solution? Which is your favorite out of the lot? Please do share your opinions below.

Vichy Purete Thermal 3 in 1 Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution is available across all Vichy outlets and major online websites. Currently(At the time of writing) all Vichy products are on flat 30% off on! I am definitely restocking my favorite products..are you?

I hope the review was helpful, until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. Yet to try micellar waters. I am happy removing makeup with a balm cleanser. Nice detailed review :)

    1. eerr no balm cleansers available here apart from Clinique one I think :(

  2. Very well written. I wanna either this or the clinique one! So confused!

    1. I too want to try the Clinique balm..heard its awesome

  3. Nice review! This one sounds really good :)

  4. hi dear, very nice review and also came to know about this product, thanks for sharing.

    1. welcome Sangeeta..m glad the review was helpful :)

  5. I was thinking about getting this, and now after your review, I will :)

  6. A little expensive but the fact that it's gentle matter more. Going to try this next.


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