Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder 009 Amber Review & Why It Does Not Work Me!

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So today I'll be sharing with you all my thoughts on the much raved Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder and I was matched to the shade 009 Amber, the powder retails for 230/- and consists of 14 g of product.

I usually use my MAC Studio Fix Powder for office but I wanted something light weight to set the foundation and I had heard so much about Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder that I had to give it a try and after using it since a month now I don't really like it at all! Why? Read on to find out!

The first thing that bothered me is the packaging! I don't mind cheap plastic packaging what really turned me off was that it does not come sealed! Anyone could have opened the lid, swatched it and put the lid back on for all I know! I even confronted the SA at Parcos store and she didnt have a clue about it either! If someone from the company is reading this please get the powder sealed as its definitely not hygienic!

The powder comes flimsy plastic packaging with a twist out lid, the lid is transparent and does not contain any mirror or a puff which is fine by me since I anyways don't use the puff which usually comes with powders but yeah a mirror could have been more useful but at this price cannot complain about it.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed powder comes in variety of shades both yellow and pink undertones and I was matched to shade 009 Amber which is quite peachy for my liking but works for my NC40 skin tone. Now for the real part the powder is very very dry and chalky! I don't know if I got a bad piece or something since I have read so many good reviews on this one that I am not sure what to say.

The texture feels very dry and stiff on my skin and I have combination skin. It clings to dry patches and just makes them look worse, infact even though I don't have dry skin on cheeks this powder just makes them appear dry and patchy..I absolutely hate it! Initially I thought may be it was my skin which was dry but I have used other compacts in the last month while I was testing this and did not face any such issue so now I am sure the problem is with this powder!

I have used this above my Lakme CC Cream and foundations both and always got very cakey and dry result. As for the Stay Matte claim it failed in that department as well, even though I don't have extremely oily skin this powder hardly controls oil for 2 hours and I feel it makes my skin look even more oily and shiny than before. This definitely is not suited for my combination skin!

Final Thoughts
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder 009 Amber

-> Cheap
-> Huge quantity
-> Good shade range
-> Availabiilty
-> Did not break me out or clog pores

-> Dry and stiff texture
-> Clings to dry patches
-> Does not control oil for more than 2 hours
-> Low coverage
-> Feels cakey on the face
-> Exaggerates dryness and flakiness of skin

Rating:- 3 out of 5

Price:- 230 INR for 24g

I will  not recommend this powder to anyone, of course everyone's skin type is different and if you are using it and liking it than you are lucky coz this definitely does not work for my combination skin. So oily to extremely oily skinned beauties may like this though I don't find the oil controlling properties that great of this powder...but if you have dry, dehydrated or combination skin I would suggest to stay away from this one.

I hope the review was helpful, if you have any questions please do leave them below in the comments section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. You know , I love it :) ....its sad , it didnt work for you....

  2. Sad it didn't work for you. I love this for my oily skin...

  3. I have a dry skin.. so definitely not for me..
    Heard so many rave reviews.. but thanks for ur honest one.. u werent biased!! :) :)

    1. thanks Poo.. :) i think i may have got a bad product not sure since everyone seems to love this a lot!

  4. Same here Parita....it didnt worked for me also...

  5. Its sad it didn't worked for you dear .. I agree to the packaging part but fortunately its working beautifully on my combi skin
    You reviewed it beautifully sweets :)

  6. I like it! I think it's because I have really oily skin, so it doesn't cake up.

  7. This seems like a really popular one, surprised to see a not-so-positive review on it :) I tend to stay awayfrom Rimmel products, they cater better for the fairer skin tones.

    1. I really wouldnt suggest this for combi skin Supria..i liked Revlon Touch n Glow better or even Maybelline Dream Matte Powder..currently using MUA compact and even that is better than this :D

  8. I too have this & loved it.. but its sad it didn't work for u !!

    1. Thanks Anu.. oily skinned beauties love it a lot na :)

  9. You are right not for dry skin ! I just love my Dream Matte Powder !
    xoxo Shreya

    1. I am planning to go back to Dram Matte one Shreya!

  10. Sometimes best of the products do not work for us and it happens to all of us with some product or the other :) While others rave about MAC foundations, I hate them. lol. I am the odd one out for MAC foundations :P

  11. I have two of this: translucent and sandstorm and I'm totally inlive with them! Surprisingly it tends to hold my oil at bay fr really long! But I agree it wouldnt work fr dry skin!

    1. I have combination skin Tshering and this just does not work for my oily T zone as well :( i feel it makes me even more oily

  12. Wow Parita...never knew you had a make up blog too!!! Have you reviewed any of the Forest Essentials Products? I fell in love with them when I visited India this year...


    1. Hey Anubhavati..thank you :) yes I have tried but very few of them..really do enjoy their face masks :)


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