Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara Review, Swatches and EOTD

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Today I'll be sharing with you all my thoughts on the Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara which retails for 399 for 12 ml of product. Now I am not a huge mascara junkie but I do like to try different mascara's and usually use only one mascara at a time since these have 2 to 3 months of shelf life after opening and I don't like to have dozen's of mascara opened and not being able to use!

Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara comes in very attractive orange colored packaging. "No lashes can escape! Scandalous volume, no clumps!" is what the mascara claims to achieve! It's a simple and convenient packaging and contains 12ml of product which is decent amount.

The wand of the mascara is huge! I have quite small set of eyes and hence large wands always create trouble for me especially for the inner corner lashes. Lots of product gets stuck on the tip of the wand and makes it messy..not a fan

The formula of the mascara is good, not too thick and not too runny, in one single coat it gives nice length and volume to the lashes. I have naturally good lashes so this mascara makes them appear fuller instantly opening up the eye! But because of the huge wand lot of times if I am in a hurry the mascara transfer on my upper crease area. I usually apply one coat of mascara which is perfect for everyday wear but sometimes we need an extra oomph and this mascara does not fare well for more than one coat, it gets clumpy in second coat!

Overall I think its a decent mascara and I like to use it for everyday however not for special occasions when I want my lashes to look really long voluminous! I think this mascara is perfect for someone who have naturally great lashes and just want something to gives them a little more volume and length. 

The mascara feels very light weight and stays put throughout the whole day without any issues. Also this mascara is not waterproof which I prefer since removing waterproof mascara is a huge pain! This one easily gets removed with a dab of makeup remover.


After 1 coat

Final Thoughts
Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara


-> Simple attractive packaging
-> Gives good volume
-> Gives good length
-> Non waterproof
-> The formula is not too runny or thick
-> Stays on for long time
-> Does not flake
-> Comes in two variant waterproof and non waterproof
-> Did not irritate my eyes
-> Price vs quantity justified
-> Available online and across all Rimmel counters

-> The wand is huge and problematic for my small eyes 
-> Lot of product gets stuck on the tip of the wand
-> Due to huge wand inner lashes often doesn't get coated well
-> Clumps if you apply more than 1 coat

Rating:- 3.5 out of 5

Price:- 399 for 12ml product

Its a decent mascara and if you are blessed with naturally long lashes you may like this but however I will not be re-purchasing it since the wand is a bit too big for my small eyes.

Hope the review was helpful, until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. I wanted a review on this since so long. Even I don't like the extra wet formula. I'd wipe it and then apply!

  2. I didn't like this one :( Nice review :)

  3. Try the successor of this. Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off, the wand is a little funky on that one. :)

    1. will check that one out next time Shrutilaya..thanks :)

  4. I love the name "Scandal EYes" ;) .. the wand look big for my eyes too.. so will skip this!

  5. WOW it does a good job in lengthening !! But yes huge wands are painful for my small eyes too :/

  6. I love the packaging..<3
    Nice review ;)

  7. Great review girl :) I was actually eyeing this one coz I loved the packaging but not so tempted now as I have small eyes and I might have to faces those cons but it really does scores on lengthening part :)

    1. I agree Vipra..it does lengthen nicely but I find the wand too big for my eyes :(

  8. Pari try rimmel glam eyes also....I loved that way more than this one..n brush is thinner also...


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