Elianto Eyeshadow 10 Sugar Brown Review, Swatches and EOTDs

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Elianto Eyeshadow 10 Sugar Brown is the most gorgeous Bronze shade and looks amazing on brown eyes! Elianto is a local Asian brand which is known for their huge collection of eye shadows ranging from mattes, shimmers, luminous, pearl finishes etc. The prices are extremely affordable and starts at 8RM ie around 170 INR per single eyeshadow which is fantastic and they often have offers having 20-25% off! Visit Elianto website to know more about the brand.

I picked up quite a few Elianto products during my stay in KL and the shade Sugar Brown is one of them. I wanted a nice bronze shade and this totally fits the bill Elianto also has a concept of freedom system where you can create your own custom palettes of eye shadows starting from 4, 6 and 10 pan palettes. The only difference being Elianto eye shadow singles come in plastic pans and are bigger in size if compared to inglot or mac ones and hence they fit only in Elianto palettes.

The shade 10 Sugar Brown belongs to their Sheen Eyeshadow range. Elianto Sheen shadows are described as Smooth, velvety texture that blends easily for luminous, pearly shine finish make you look sweet & feminine throughout the day!

All Elianto single eye shadows come in paper box packaging as shown in the pictures. The eyeshadows come in plastic case packaging and are housed within plastic round containers rather than metal ones as with MAC and Inglot. You get reasonably good amount of product ie 2g which will last long time.All eyeshadows come embedded with a flower design on top which looks very pretty!

The texture of Sugar Brown eyeshadow is extremely soft and pigmented! It glides on the eyes very well without any tugging or pulling. Due to extremely soft texture its powdery in nature but there was no major fall out issue once you apply on the eyes. It blends easily and gives a metallic sheen to the eyes which is beautiful! 

The shade is stunning Bronze shade with a touch of gold to it, if used over a black base it gives an antique look to the shade as you can see in my second EOTD. I have used it with primer as well as without primer and it never creased on me! I have dry eyelids but if you have extremely oily lids I would suggest to always use a good primer as a base for any shadows you use. The staying power is really amazing and it stays on my eyes without fading for 8+ hours easily! I have tested it with and without primer! Overall an amazing eyeshadow!

Bronze Smokey Eyes Makeup

Here I have used it over a black base
Bronze Eyes Makeup

Final Thoughts
Elianto Sheen Shadow 10 Sugar Brown

->Velvety soft texture
-> Highly pigmented
-> Huge range of eyeshadows with various finishes available
-> No fall outs
-> Attractive packaging
-> Amazing staying power of 8+ hrs
-> Gives lovely metallic sheen to the yes
-> Does not fade or crease
-> Cheap with good quality!

-> Powdery fallout in the pan due to extremely soft texture
-> Storage is a problem since they come in plastic refill pans

Price:- 8RM - 16RM ie 150 - 250 INR

Rating:- 4.2 out of 5

If you are ever visiting Malaysia or any other Asian countries do look out for Elianto stores and definitely check out their huge collection of eyeshadows and nail paints! Absolutely loving this bronze shade, its one of a kind in my collection and I would highly recommend it to everyone!

I hope the review was helpful, until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. gorgeous shade! looks lovely with your brown eyes :)

  2. I love browns and this one is again a pretty bronzy brownn!
    It looks like has some olive undertoness.. want it!!! :)
    lovely EOTD dear.. :)

    1. thanks Poo..yeah totally agree with you..it does have slight olive undertones :)

  3. Stunning EOTD sweets <3 I loved the shade on you :)
    Cute packaging :) and Beautifully reviewed dear !

  4. I'm such a sucker from bronzes.... and you making this look so fab!!!
    my in-laws are here so online aane nahi milta. how are you?

    1. Me too Bee..Bronze and Purples are my favorites!

  5. B'ful shade & loved ur EOTD dear :)


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