Metholatum Therapy Lip Balm Review and Rave!

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Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Today I'll be sharing with you all an incredible product which I have been using past couple of months and absolutely love it! Before I go any further let me tell you that I am not a lip balm or a lip gloss person. I hardly use lip glosses and lip balms, I don't like that sticky wet feeling on my lips.

Way back in June when i was in KL even though it was summers for some reason my lips were getting all chapped, dry and flaky! Thats when I decided to go on a hunt for a good lip balm. During one such casual visit to Guardian I was browsing through the lip balm section thats when I saw Mentholatum Lip Balm. I was going to pick up the usual Nivea one but than for some reason I felt attracted towards Metholatum so decided to try it.

Before using this little did I know that Metholatum is one of the oldest companies originally established in 1889 with products across lip care, skin care, sun care, hair care etc ranges! Mentholatum offers two types of care for your lips LipIce range which offers tinted lip balms and chapsticks and Mentholatum Lip care range which offers excellent treatment for dry, chapped or cracked lips.

Mentholatum Therapy Lip Balm has healing properties to promote fast and effective relief for dry and chapped lips. 
-> It contains camphor for effective healing against dry, chapped and windburned lips
-> Relieves soreness and burning caused by wind, sun and harsh weather
-> Menthol provides cooling and refreshing feeling to lips
-> With SPF 15 UV protection

Mentholatum Therapy Lip Balm comes in bottle green colored tube with white cap. The packaging is very basic similar to usual twist up tubes. The lip balm itself is white in color and goes on transparent on lips. It has mild menthol fragrance which is very refreshing and gives tingling and cooling sensation on lips. Usually the tingling sensation does not last very long but with this product the tingling sensation lasts for 1-2 hours which is fantastic!

This lip balm is like no other balm I have used. It does not feel waxy or oily or sticky on lips. It does not give wet or glossy look on lips but still moisturizes the lips well. It helps in healing of dry and chapped lips making them soft and supple! And the best part is that it keeps the lips well hydrated for 5 to 6 hours even in heavy air conditioned rooms or while travelling. My lips often get dry and chapped due to less intake or water or when I am travelling in Volvo from Pune to Mumbai and this balm really helps to keep them from getting dry and flaky! 

The balm also comes with SPF15 which is decent amount of SPF protection for lips. Overall the best lip balm I have ever tried and a must have in my vanity! Highly recommended!

Round - Up

-> Simple convenient packaging with twist up tube
-> Non sticky texture
-> Glides on lips, no tugging or pulling required
-> Mild menthol fragrance which is very refreshing
-> Gives tingling sensation on lips which lasts very long
-> Provides protection from sun with SPF15
-> Heals dry, chapped and sunburned lips
-> Makes lips soft and supple
-> Once applied keeps lips well hydrated for 6 hours
-> Will last easily for 4+ months even if used daily!
-> Reasonably priced

-> Availability is the only problem

Price:- 170 - 200 INR for 3.5g

Rating:- 4.9 out of 5

I have absolutely no complaints about this lip balm and would highly recommend this to everyone! I hope the review was helpful, until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. My lips are extremely dry! It seems a great balm to take care of dry and chapped lips. Thanks for sharing this!:)

  2. My lips are super dry and I prefer plain lip balms rather than tinted one :) Nice review Parita. Thanks for tagging me in the top 5 lip products post. Will post it soon :)

  3. Such nice stuff are nevr easily availabl:( superbly reviewed di :)

  4. I have dry lips and it sounds great for dry/very dry lips :) Nice review!


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