Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Metal Brown Review, Swatches and EOTD

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Faces Long Wear Eye Pencils needs no introduction, they have been raved a lot among beauty enthusiasts and makeup lovers. I have a bunch of these and the one I love the most for neutral looks is the shade Metal Brown

Being a neutral lover I love my brown liners a lot and prefer them over the usual black ones especially for office. But I stay away from the boring and dull brown shades since they don't do much for my eyes rather I like shades of brown with a touch of gold sparkle or sheen to it and this eyeliner fits the bill for me. 

Faces eye pencils comes in standard pencil packaging with colored cap and bottom thus making it super easy to spot them in your collection. They come in a variety of shades ranging from blacks, browns, greens, blues and purples! Priced at 249 for 1.15g these are definitely a steal if you love a pop of color on your eyes!

The shade Metal Brown is a classic brown with tiny gold sparkles which comes across more like a golden sheen. The sparkles are not OTT and are only visible if you see them closely :) The texture of the eye pencil is extremely creamy and glides like a butter on the lids. It sets almost immediately and once set it does not budge or smudge for the entire day! I have tried rubbing the liner as well and it does not bleed and give you brown panda eyes :)

The staying power as mentioned is very good and it stays on the whole day without fading or smudging. Its definitely water proof and does not smudge or spread when it comes in contact with water. I tried to rub the liner once wet and still it did not smear out or smudge, you can see the proof of the same below. Another part which I love about it is that it removes easily using an eye makeup remover, this is always a plus since you don't have to tug or pull your eyes to remove the liner completely. 

I wouldn't recommend this for waterline because it does have tiny gold shimmers but it works wonderfully well for lower lashline. Overall if you love brown liners I would highly recommend this one for the price, shade and quality.

This is how it looks on me

Rating:- 5 out of 5 

I really don't think there is a single con for this liner, at this price it does what an eye liner needs to do, it brighten's the eye, its perfect for neutral looks and gives a polished effect, its creamy and glides effortlessly on the eyes, its not dull brown but brown with a touch of gold sheen which lifts up the look. It stays on forever until you remove it with a makeup remover, its waterproof, smudge proof and does not irritate my skin on the eyes!

What more can I ask for in an eyeliner? Highly Highly Recommend it!

I hope the review and swatches were helpful, until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. I have it and love it too.. My most used brown eye liner.. love itt!!
    such a prettyy EOTD.. <3 <3

  2. I Too Have Faces Long Wear Eye Pencils.. They Are Worth Their Price!

  3. I have yet to try Faces eyeliners .. They look good .. Nice EOTD :)

    1. Pls give them a try Shweta..m sure you'll love them :)

  4. I love this one - Its a lovely shade - I too own it ;)
    Lovely eye swatch sweets <3 Nice review :)

  5. this one is my fav brown eye pencil

  6. thats beautiful brown shade pari :)

  7. A very nice coffee brown! Suits you well!

  8. Faces liners were the first pencil liners I ever used! I always used liquid ones before so these have a spl place in my heart.. :) but the way faces is increasing their prices off late it just puts me off..

    1. Everyone are now increasing their prices like anything..the only brand I feel has still reasonable priced products would be Maybelline!


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