Banana Boat Ultra Protect SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion Review

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If there is one habit thing which I need to work on it definitely would be to apply sunscreen every single day! We all are aware of the health and skin hazards due to pro long exposure to harmful sun rays spots, wrinkles, fine lines etc! Though I apply sunscreen religiously whenever I step out but I do get lazy when I am indoors and often skip it :( I have started applying sunscreen every single day now irrespective of whether I am going out or not!

My favorite sunscreen brand has to be Lotus, I have tried few and absolutely loved them! The only brand sunscreen I have repurchased and have been using since last 2 years! But last year when I shifted to Malaysia I had to look for other options and came across Banana Boat brand. I knew Banana Boat sunscreens were quite good since I had read few good reviews on them so happily got their Ultra Protect SPF 30 sunscreen lotion!

I got this way back in Jan and have been using it since then and must say I really do like it a lot. Banana Boat has different sunscreens for different needs like sensitive skin, sunscreens for kids, etc Also they offer protection starting from SPF 15 till SPF 90 which is required if you are going to be out on a beach or roaming in hot and humid environment.

Banana Boat Ultra Protection in SPF 30 comes in simple tube packaging with a flip open cap. The entire ingredients list is mentioned on the back of the tube. It promises to give SPF 30 with PA+++ and contains goodness of Aloe Vera and Vitamins C & E. It also says its water resistant and light weight!

The texture of the sunscreen is quite thin and watery as you can see below in the swatch. Its white in color and feels very light weight when applied on face. The consistency is of a lotion and gets absorbed quickly without leaving any horrible white cast or stickiness which some sunscreens tend to do. It gives soft matte look without any shiny or oily feeling. It definitely feels quite moisturizing and does not cling to dry patches. You can see how well moisturized skin on my hand looks after blending the sunscreen.

I have used this on my face in hot and humid climate of KL and even when we went on a trip to Sabah and it definitely did protect my face from tanning! It indeed is water resistant so its perfect for the current monsoon season. It did not break me out or cause any clogging of pores but that could be because I always remove my makeup before hitting the bed.

Please note that any sunscreen or makeup you use will clog pores if you don't remove it at the end of the day. Night time cleansing is extremely important and crucial step to maintain a healthy and clear skin so don't ever skip this step!

I paid around 350 - 400 INR for 90ml tube and since you don't require too much its quite long lasting. If we compare with Lotus, their SPF40 3-in-1 matte look sunblock costs 225 for 50gm so there's not much difference in the over all price.

Round - Up

-> Sturdy travel friendly packaging
-> Light weight lotion consistency
-> Blends easily in the skin
-> Gives soft matte look
-> Contains goodness of aloe vera and vit c & e
-> Feels moisturizing on skin
-> Does not leave behind white cast
-> Does not make me oily or shiny
-> Has PA+++ protection
-> Can be used on face and body
-> Water resistant

-> Not easily available in India

Price:- 350 - 400 for 90ml

Rating:- 4.5 out of 5

I definitely like this sunscreen a lot and will highly recommend it to everyone! I have already requested hubby to get few back ups for me from Malaysia :) I have seen this sunscreen available in India in stores stocking imported goods, people living in Mumbai can check Alfa since I believe I have seen this one over there :)

I do hope the review was helpful, until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. THe texture of the sunscreen seems pretty good for monssons.. fed up of sticky feeling sunscreens.. Gonna give it a shot.. :)

    1. this one is completely non sticky! definitely give it a try!

  2. no white cast.. yayyy.... and it looks really light.
    I should go check it oiut
    grt review babes!

  3. Replies
    1. It definitely is very light Gowthami :) do give it a try!

  4. I wonder if this wud b available in beauty luv t try it out..

    1. you can check Zee..i think it should be available in alfa too :)


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