Soft Pink and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial - Step By Step

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Pink and Purple Eye Makeup

Before I start with the tutorial let me tell you how I got the idea of doing this pink and purple eye look. So today while I was making breakfast for my hubby (oh yeah I am a good wife!) one of my neighbors came out playing with her what I assume to be her grand daughter. The grand daughter was wearing this gorgeous pretty fluffy pink dress with a matching pink and purple hairband! She looked so adorable I could eat her up! Oh god No No I don't go around eating babies!!! Its just an expression! :P

So the little angel was my inspiration for doing this soft and pretty pink purple eye makeup look and to be honest I really liked it. What do you think? Its super easy to do and wearable especially during day time or you could jazz it up by adding a dash of black in the outer corners and you are ready for a night out with your girls!

So without any further delay lets get started!

Step1:- As always start with priming your eyelids. I am using MAC's paint pot in Soft Ochre here.

Step2:- Apply a matte pink eyeshadow all over the lids. I didn't have any matte pink eyeshadow so I used Sleek's blush in Pixie Pink and it worked really well!

Step3:- Use a blending brush like MAC 217 and blend out the edges of the crease to soften the look.

Step4:- Now use a glittery purple eyeliner or an eyeshadow whatever you have at hand, line the upper and lower lashline keeping the liner close to the lashline as much as possible. I have used my favorite Colorbar eye pencil in Sparkling Amethyst.

Step5:- Tightline and line your waterline with kohl. I am using Lakme Eyeconic here.

Step6:- Now using a matte bright purple eyeshadow blend and soften the liner we applied on upper and lower lashline. Take your time in this step, go back and forth with a small smudge brush or pencil brush to really smoke out the lower lashline well.

Step7:- While you are smoking out the upper lashline using the same brush take the purple shade ever so lightly in the crease just to give a bit of definition to the eyes. See the below pic for reference.

Step8:- Reapply pink eyeshadow on the lids if required, curl your lashes and apply loads of your favorite mascara on upper as well as lower lashes.

Pink and Purple Eye Makeup Look
Step9:- And your look is complete!

Pink and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial

Pink and Purple Eye Makeup Look

Products used to create this look:-
-> MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre as eye primer
-> Matte pink blush Sleek's Pixie Pink as eyeshadow on lids
-> Colorbar eye liner in Sparkling Amethyst for purple liner
-> Matte purple eyeshadow from Sleek iDivine Matte 2 pallete
-> Lakme Eyeconic kohl
-> Essence Mascara

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, do post your comments below and let me know if you have any requests for tutorials.

Until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. thts such a pretty color combination parita... loved it.. simple n cute ...

  2. colorbar amethyst spark is one of my fav liners, ill def try this look! very pretty:)
    u knw my best friend has a habit of saying this abt cute kids that i want to eat up the kid etc... :P i keep teasing her that ill never let u come near my kids :P

    1. amethyst spark is one of my favorites as well! its so pretty na :)
      LOL my hubby always says he'll never let me touch our kids also :P

  3. This is soo girly girly look .. loved it :)

  4. wow Pari.. simple and so so pretty.. I am going to try this out for sure..

    1. wow thanks Dipti! do try, its super easy!

  5. Lovely look Parita :) Purple is my fave..I shud try this out! (love your blog header :) )

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Sharmishtha! do let me know how it turned out!

  7. absolutely gorgeous parita :)

  8. Nice comi n an even better explanation n demo...thanx babe!

  9. luvly combination.. :) i will also try out some combinations this weeekend and will post it on my blog:) thnx for this one parita!!1

    1. Thanks Renji..definitely give it a try..would love to see :)

  10. Lovely Eye makeup dear.. Me too used a purple liner today!!:)


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