Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder in Sunkiss Radieux 030 Review, Swatch and FOTD

Hey Everyone!

Fact is ladies and gentlemen if any :) I was never much into bronzing and this is the only bronzer I own currently which most probably will change very soon! Bronzers are used to add some color and life back to your face since many a times foundations tend to make one look absolutely flat and even colored which is not very flattering in my opinion and rather looks artificial!

I don't think that SA's in Indian markets are yet aware of the word bronzer let alone how to use them correctly! This scenario definitely needs to change and I hope the cosmetics companies if reading this will do something about educating their SA's regarding makeup basics! 

Back to today's topic :) I got Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder last October when i was leaving India. I ordered it online from since there was some discount going on :) To be honest this was an impulse purchase and the one which I don't regret one bit! I am pretty sure I got it for how gorgeous it looks <3

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder I believe comes in two or three shades and the one I have is 030 Sunkiss Radieux. Its a gorgeous baked powder with orange/bronze/gold veining and looks absolutely stunning! I truly was mesmerized when I opened it the first time!

The packaging is simple, comes in square packaging with transparent lid. It feels pretty sturdy for travelling but don't think it will survive a fall..yikes!

I could seriously stare at it the whole is so pretty! Tell me you don't like pretty things?

The texture of the powder is very fine with no chunky glitters at all. It applies on skin nicely and blends beautifully! It does have a gorgeous bronze sheen to it which I think will look the most flattering on medium to dusky skin tones. It immediately gives a healthy sun kissed look to the face which is so much in trend in summers! 

The powder is extremely finely milled and can be used as inner corner highlighter in the eyes, browbone highlighter, cheek highlighter or over all bronzer for face! Truly a multi purpose product and gets the job done!

I know I went a little overboard with the swatches but wanted to show you all how it looks in various lights :)

I use my Sigma Tapered Highlighter F35 brush to apply on the high points on my cheeks. I usually use this as a highlighter more and will dust it lightly on the cheeks to get a more sun kissed or bronzed look. It does not accentuate any pores and trust me I have lot of imperfections on my cheeks and it does not highlight them further :) 

Its not highly pigmented but I really like that in such products since going over board with them is difficult and they are more forgiving which is perfect for beginners. The swatches are of couple of swipes and you can see it does give a lot of color. You can easily build the pigmented if required. Personally I feel couple of swipes does the job really well.

It does stay on me for 8 hours straight without using a primer and without making me look like a disco ball! I haven't tested it beyond 8 hours but i believe it can stay for more hours if used with a primer.

Do you see the subtle sheen it gives on the skin without any shimmers or glitters?

The only con I feel is the availability and the price! I haven't seen this powder on Revlon counters but its widely available online. Also the price is definitely on a higher side! But for the price you get a lot of product and it will last really long for me plus I got it when there was discount running so Yay for me!

I understand some people would think why not pitch in couple of hundreds more and get a MAC product and I definitely don't disagree with that! I guess it all comes down to your needs in a product.

Round - Up

-> Sturdy packaging with a transparent lid
-> Attractive veining design on the product
-> Fine texture and blends effortlessly.
-> Baked bronzer which can be used even by sensitive skin tones
-> Gorgeous shade!
-> Multi purpose product (Can be used for inner coner highlight, browbone or cheek highlighter!)
-> Can also be used as a blush and all over bronzer to warm up the face
-> Huge quantity
-> No chunky glitter or shimmer
-> Does not accentuate pores or any imperfections on the skin
-> Gives a lovely sun kissed look!
-> Gives a natural warm glow to the face if used all over
-> Formula is talc free

-> Expensive!
-> No brush or mirror provided (Personally I wish there was a mirror, I anyways don't use the brush given by them!)
-> For extremely pale or fair skin tones(NW15 - NC20) it might be a bit too warm and orange
-> Not available easily across Revlon counters

This is how it looks on me as a highlighter, do you see the glow? I applied more than couple of swipes just for it to show up on pictures so you guys get an idea how it looks. I do have a foundation and blusher on if you are wondering and as you can see I have loads of imperfections on cheeks and it does not accentuate them in anyway, at least in my opinion it does :) Do I look sun kissed in any way? Just wondering since that was the look I was going for :)

Rating:- 4.2 out of 5

Price:- 1500 for 10g

I hope the review and swatches were helpful if you are considering to buy a bronzer I would definitely recommend Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder in 030 Sunkiss Radieux since its a gorgeous bronzer and adds natural warmth to face. 

Weekend is not far away, just one more day to go so hang on :) Until tomorrow take care and stay beautiful!



  1. That looks perfect and you.. :) price is high for me.. nice review :)

    1. Thank you Gowthami..i do agree on the price factor!

  2. I have this and I love it for soft look... nice review :)

  3. The bronzer looks pretty .. thanks for the review.. !! :) :)

  4. This looks lovely on you! Very pretty....

  5. looks very pretty :)
    even i'm into bronzers this season, just got a gorgeous one from VS

    1. Thank you Bee! I am dying to get my hands on Benefit Hoola now!

  6. I have this you know.. but its been a long time since I used it... time to revisit the product :) looks very good on you.. I can see the glow :)

  7. Looks amazing on you Pari :)

  8. Looks fab on you, and yes, you it does give you that "sunkissed glow". And the bronzer looks so pretty too!

    1. Thank you so much Dollie for appreciating :)

  9. Ive wondered bout this mny times n thnx t u i nw kno how it is! It luks wonderful n u n i cant c a single imperfectiob!! U luk gorgeous!


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