Real Techniques Blush Brush Review

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Real Techniques Brushes need no introduction! If you love makeup and are passionate about it I am sure you must have heard about these amazing brushes! These brushes are developed by Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo sisters and I must admit she has done a fabulous job!

I have most of the Real Techniques brush collection other than their Kabuki Brush and Eyes Starters Kit. Earlier I reviewed their Lash-Brows Groomer brush the review for which you can check out here. Today I'll be reviewing Real Techniques Blush Brush!

Real Techniques Blush Brush comes in plastic case packaging nice and secured. The blush itself is pink and black in packaging with black being the bottom made out of rubber. Also good thing about this brush is that it stands on its own so you can definitely put them on your vanity table.

The bristles of the blush brush are synthetic and made from taklon bristles. They are absolutely cruelty free! The bristles are amazingly soft and feel luxurious on skin! The bristles are quite fluffy and densely packed. I know a lot of people find this brush to be a bit too big for applying blushes on the cheeks but for me its really of the perks of having chubby cheeks :)

The blush fits perfectly on contours of my cheeks but it might be a bit too large if you have small face. Though this brush can be used for various things like applying all over powder/bronzer etc and it does really a fab job! It picks up blushes well and blends them beautifully to give them natural flush!

It does not shed and does retain the shape after its washed. Also I found these brushes to dry quicker than my Sigma ones. I use either a makeup cleanser or baby shampoo to deep clean my brushes and it works well for both.

Overall definitely a great brush and very affordable as well. A must have for any makeup lover!

Round - Up

-> Attractive packaging
-> The bristles are extremely soft and fluffy
-> The bristles are 100% taklon and cruelty free
-> Picks up right quantity of blushes
-> Self standing for easy storage
-> Blends smoothly
-> Does not shed
-> Dries super fast
-> Retains shape after drying
-> Can be used for applying powder/bronzer/blusher etc so a multi purpose brush
-> Cheap

-> Not available in India
-> The brush can be a bit too big for someone who has small face

Rating:- 4.9 out of 5! (I really adore this brush and always use it every time I do my makeup!)

Price:- 9$

I ordered all my RT brushes from site and had an awesome experience. I know few of them have ordered from and had to pay customs so please keep that in mind while ordering. You can use the code QFR991 to get 10$ off on your very first order if the order is above 40$ or else you'll get 5% off.

I highly recommend Real Technique Blush brush to everyone who is looking for affordable brushes! These are definitely one of the softest brushes i have ever used! Highly recommend them!

I do hope the review was helpful, if in case you have any questions do post them below in comments.

I'll be out of town for the weekend so may not be able to reply to your comments/emails immediately but will reply them on Monday. Have a nice weekend everybody!

Until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. This is a perfect blush brush, I love it :) Nice review...

  2. Oh thanks for reviewing this. I had this in my cart for so long i can order it now. Funny story, i have the eye starter kit. And its awesome. Get it if u can Pari:)

    1. Bee get RT brushes without a single thought! they are fantastic! also get the core collection and travel set!

  3. Lovely brush :D Great review Parita :D

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  4. wow pinkyyyy brush...its high tym i haul sum RT brushes :P lovely review :)

    1. Riya you should definitely try RT brushes! they are awesome!

  5. You are tempting me so much to try the RT brushes Pari :)

    1. Aarthi they are fab do give them a try :)

  6. Much raved about products :) nice post..


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