Readers Queries - How to choose right foundation, makeup up for day and night time and how to balance eye and lip makeup

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So we have new segment starting "Readers Queries" wherein you can email me any questions or doubts you may have and I will post the same on the blog with my answers :) This way you'll not only get my suggestions but also the expert advice of so many other bloggers here! So do reach out without any hesitations!

So I got this query from a friend Rohini 

"Hey dearie, hows you doing? I must tell you I absolutely have fallen in love with your blog.. 

Btw I have a couple of queries like
1. choosing the right foundation for indian skin tones.. 2. what type of make up to wear for day parties and evening parties.. 3. how to balance eye and lip makeup (like I have read somewhere that at anytime only one of them should be heavy)
I hope you can address these sometime.. it will be very useful for makeup illiterates like me"

Hi Rohini,

First of all thank you once again for your sweetest words :) Though I am no professional but will try to answer your queries to the best of my knowledge :)

1) choosing the right foundation for indian skin tones
- This is probably one of the most difficult question and I am sure we all have faced difficulties in choosing the right foundation for our skin. Majority of the Indian skins have olive/yellow under tones and most of the foundation available in the indian market have pink undertones which make us look like a white ghost! 

Before choosing the foundation first identify what skin type and skin tone you have, for eg if you have yellow undertones or pink or neutral. You can also visit any MAC store and get your shade checked if you have yellow undertones you are in NC range and if you have pink under tones you in NW range.

Next what type of skin you have? Oil/Combination/Dry, depending upon your skin type your foundation will also vary. I will provide some options for all three skin types which I know work well :)

Assuming you have yellow undertones (she uses revlon nearly naked foundation in natural beige) 

Oily skin - Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation is the bomb! Give it a try!, Revlon Colorstay foundation is a cult favorite among oily skinned beauties (I am not too fond of it since it feels too heavy) ,Revlon Whipped Creme foundation, Loreal True Match also is a great foundation which gives natural finish and has quite good shades with yellow under tones, Loreal Lumi foundations gives lovely dewy finish. From high end MAC Pro Long Wear foundation is awesome and so is MAC Studio Fix Fluid and MAC Studio Fix Powder! I have heard so much about Kat Von D Tattoo foundation and is good for oily skins and so is Nars Sheer Glow foundation.

Combination skin - Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous, Revlon whipped creme, Loreal True Match, Loreal Lumi foundation. From high end Nars Sheer Glow, MAC Matchmaster gives amazing natural finish! MAC Face and Body foundation gives dewy healthy skin finish, Nars Sheer Glow!

Dry Skin - L'oreal Lumi foundation, Loreal True Match foundation, Neutrogena healthy skin foundation are pretty awesome. From high end Laura Mercier makes some fantastic hydrating foundations, MAC Face and Body foundation, Bobbi brown has some good hydrating foundation for dry skin and Nars sheer glow foundation works very well as well!

Please note I have not used all the above so cannot vouch for them 100% but do read the reviews online and on YT and always always get a sample from MAC/Sephora etc try them at home, see how it looks in natural day light and then go and buy. Don't be shy in asking for samples! Temptalia has amazing foundation matrix where in you can find a match for your shade in almost all brands just by entering your skin tone. Also recently I found another awesome site called Findation which is purely dedicated for matching the right foundation for you, you need to enter anyone foundation which you feel matches your skin and the site will list all other foundation shades from all brands for your skin tone! Isn't it awesome!

2) what type of make up to wear for day parties and evening parties..3. how to balance eye and lip makeup (like I have read somewhere that at anytime only one of them should be heavy)
I hope you can address these sometime.. it will be very useful for makeup illiterates like me".
-> The answer to this questions would vary from individual to individual as its a personal preference but I will let you know what I feel and how I wear makeup for parties.

For day time I usually like to go very subtle and neutral looks involving shades like taupe, peaches, pinks, bronze, can even incorporate colors depending upon your outfit but make sure you don't use too many colors together or else it may start to look over the top and we don't want that. Use a natural matte foundation and a peachy/pink blushes to give that soft flush. Also use a highlighter on the cheeks nothing too shimmery though, I like highlighters which are in satin finish :)

For night time for me it purely depends upon occasion and outfit. If my outfit is bold enough I try to keep my eye makeup simple and neutral but you can definitely go for bold smokey eyes during the night time. If you are going for smokey eyes keep the lips neutral since we want the eyes to catch more attention. But if you are going for neutral eye makeup definitely go ahead with bold lipsticks! I prefer matte lipstick which are non drying MAC has some great options and Ruby Woo is a cult favorite from MAC and goes with all skin tones! 

I hope I was able to answer some of queries and I hope you found it a bit helpful :)

If you would like to get your doubts and queries answered do write in to me - and I will surely get back to you soon!

Until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. Thanks a ton dear, for answering my questions!! It surely is informative n will help people like me!
    *White ghost*!! Exactly the word I was looking for when I want to describe what the foundations I used till now did to me! ;)

  2. Great post! I tried the foundation finder you recommended but then I found an even better one by ps beauty Unlike the other site, ps beauty tool lets you note your preferences (skin type, preferred finish and coverage) to give you much more tailored recommendations.. I love it! One thing I would add for your post is foundations good for oily skin (I like revlon and love pro longwear by mac) but I would add that double wear by estee lauder is not to be missed by anyone whose foundation tends to slide off during the day due to excess oil. Hope this helps, Sam xx

    1. Thank you so much Samantha for sharing the foundation tool! Of course how could I forget Estee Lauder Double Wear!! Thank you for adding it in the list :)


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