Loew Cornell Brushes 270 Maxine Mop 3/8th - Dupe of MAC 239 now available in Mumbai!!!

Hey Everyone!

So I got so many queries on my Loew Cornell 270 Maxine Mop 3/8th brush about if they are available in India or online and where can I find these so I thought let me pull my resources together and dig a little deeper to make these available to you right to your doorstep! How does that sound?

I have found a craft store which does stock these and they do have Loew Cornell 270 Maxine Mop 3/8th brush available in stock right now!

If any of you are interested to get your hands on these babies get in touch with A1 Craft store at a1craft2011@gmail.com, they are Mumbai based and do deliver across the country if I am not wrong.

They also stock Magnetic Sheets and I did order mine from them and must say the shipping and delivery was fast. See my tutorials on how to make your own Magnetic Palette for storing eyeshadows and blushes here and here.

No I am not affiliated to them nor do I am getting paid for recommending them! This is purely out of my love and dedication for my readers :)

I hope this is helpful, until next time tc and stay beautiful!



  1. Just emailed them ....Pari! Thanx a ton that was very helpful ♥

  2. Thanks a ton fr d tip Pari..do u kno f any other brush they hav which is gud fr eye makeup? Id luv t pick up a couple :)

    1. Zee check out same brush but in different sizes for eg 1/4th one is exact same but smaller so i find it perfect to apply inner corner highlight and 3/4th size is big..huge enough to apply eyeshadows all over the lids :) hope this helps

  3. I am glad I came across your post! I was actually looking for some Magnetic Sheets...will contact them...Thanks a ton!

  4. Thanks for sharing Parita :)

  5. superb shade pari..def trying it next time..looks awesome on u


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