Kryolan TV Paint Stick FS 28 Review, FOTD and Tips on How To Apply

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Kryolan TV Paint Stick

This review is dedicated to my very dear friend Preetha from IBJ! I am sure all of you know her as she and her blog needs no introduction! She has requested me to review the Kryolan TV Paint Stick since we both have almost similar skin tones and skin types. So lets get started!

I came across Kryolan products way back in 2011 when I was just starting into makeup. Kryolan is one of the most reputed brand when it comes to theatrical makeup. Their products are widely used for films and tv since they provide the most gorgeous flawless look in video and pictures! Another reason why they are widely used in bridal makeup as well! 

Kryolan TV Paint Stick India

When I walked into Kryolan store near my home I honestly had no idea about what to expect but the SA was very sweet and kind, I explained her what I was looking for and she had good knowledge of the products and fortunately matched me to my perfect color which is such a pain sometimes! I am sure you know what I mean :)

I went to look into color corrector for my panda eyes but left the store with a lot more! Kryolan TV Paint Stick was one of them. I have very strong yellow under tones and fall between NC40-42 in MAC and I was matched with the shade FS 28 which is perfect!

Kryolan TV Paint stick comes in chubby lip balm type packaging, very basic and simple. I really don't mind the packaging since its easier to apply :) Mine is almost 2 years old so its a bit worn out but if you can make out from the pics its made in Germany and has good 2 years of life span. Honestly I think you can use it for a lot longer since these don't go bad or separated as the liquid foundations

Kryolan TV Paint Stick FS28

It comes in a twist up tube packaging so its much travel friendly! For the price you definitely get a whole lot of product! I have twisted the stick completely just to give you an idea about how much product it contains and it does contain a hell lot! 

The texture feels very creamy when touched and needs a little bit of warming up. I usually dab the TV Paint stick on my face and use a wet sponge to blend it or a wet brush. Its very high coverage so I wouldn't advise this to be used for everyday wear. I personally only use it for special occasions like wedding or parties where I know I will be photographed a lot!
Kryolan Foundation Review

It definitely is heavier on the skin if compared to liquid foundations and hence the coverage is also pretty high! You can build the coverage as desired as well. It covers pretty acne, spots, redness, marks etc pretty well but if you have very dark hyper pigmentation than it may look ashy on you. For full coverage on hyper pigmentation always use a color corrector beneath to conceal them. I have a color corrector from Kryolan which I will review soon.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick FS28

The shade FS 28 I feel would work on a lot of skin tones. If you fall between NC35 to NC44 in MAC and if you have strong yellow undertones this shade would work for you. As you can see in swatches it has a very strong yellow tint to it so its perfect for our indian skin tones!

Now comes the tricky part of application and blending of this foundation! I have combination skin and honestly I find it very difficult to blend this foundation perfectly! Since this is a stick foundation it does emphasize dry patches! So moisturize really really really well! Yes if you don't moisturize your face it will look cakey and made up! Its not a pretty sight!

I always use a damp beauty blender or damp brush to apply this foundation. Since the texture not extremely creamy we need some moisture to blend this foundation properly. Also once blend spray some fixing mist or thermal water or MAC Fix+ any mist or makeup fixing spray you use, this will help the foundation to set properly.

You would be thinking if its so tricky to apply why do people rave about it? True for dry skin girls stay miles away from this, even if you belong to combination skin you could give it a try but it will require effort for blending and finally if you are oily skin you can definitely give it a try but you still need to use damp sponge or brush to blend.

The best thing about this foundation is that once it sets into your skin, it does adapt to your skin tone and looks so natural! Also another thing to remember this foundation does take a while to set, for me it take 15 to 20 mins until it sets but once it sets it will stay throughout the day! The staying power is amazing!

Also as the day passes by and as your natural oils mix with foundation it looks better! Hence I am stressing on the fact that use dampen sponge or brush to blend this foundation since it requires so!

Also since this is heavy duty foundation it can clog your pores..actually every foundation will clog your pores if you do not remove makeup properly at the end of the day! You definitely need an oil based makeup remover to completely remove this foundation!

This is how the foundation looks on me, I have used only one layer and blended it with damp beauty blender. You can still see my acne scars, pigmentation and dark circles seeping through. Also I have contoured my face hence it looks a bit darker on the edges :)

Round - Up

-> Sturdy travel friendly packaging
-> Texture is creamy
-> Highly pigmented
-> The shade FS28 will suit a lot of skin tones
-> Will last long long time
-> Photographs beautifully!
-> Perfect for weddings and parties
-> Amazing staying power
-> Extremely high coverage!
-> Price vs quantity is a lot!

-> Blending! Its tricky and once needs to use a wet sponge or brush to blend
-> Will emphasize dry patches so moisturize your skin well
-> Takes time to set!
-> Can look cakey and articial
-> Exfoliation of the skin is a must before using this foundation!

Price:- 800 

Rating:- 3.5 out of 5

Though it gives flawless look in camera and pics I just find it a bit too much work for blending it! If you are an aspiring makeup artist or if you attend a lot of weddings or parties this would be perfect for you but if you are looking for something for everyday wear I wouldn't recommend this to you

I hope the review was helpful, if you have any questions do put them in the comment box and I will get to you as soon as possible!

Until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. So much blending I would rather go for a cream concealer than a stick one..but nice Review parita.. :)

    1. I agree that blending is difficult Poo but its good for special occasions or FOTDs :)

  2. excellent review parita :) and its sounds gr8 for occasions !! right

    1. yup! nothing can give you better flawless look in pics than this!

  3. yay yay yay! nobody cud hav reviewed it better than u pari..such a detailed review..i got it on ur yet tot use it..wil keep these directions in mind..need to hunt for a beuty blender now..any sugestions?

    1. Pree do what I do..spray thermal water on face than dab the foundation and use sigma F80 brush to blend out, you can spray a little bit more of thermal water while blending :) it will work beautifully! and dont forget to set it with a powder for long lasting finish!

  4. i can't see any panda eye parita.. :-/ this works magical on u... i wud get rather investing on a concealer.. :D

  5. Lovely detailed review Pari! :) I am yet to try Kryolan. :( Would love to try this one for sure.

    1. Thanks Jyoti..kryolan does have some awesome products :)

  6. now please explain contouring and highlighting parita ... even i have a similar skin tone :D and i am getting this :D

    1. Thank you Sreya..contouring and highlighting are on my to - do list :) will try to put up a tutorial next week :)

  7. HI pari..loc\vely review..can i know ur shade in mac so that it will help me in choosing the right shade in kryolan

  8. No Kryolan here :( nice detailed review..

    1. Thanks a lot Tanmayee! I hope you get access to Kryolan products soon :)

  9. Can we use kryolan ultra and supra together? As I hardly feel any difference between both while blending. Please reply soon

  10. is fs 28 and 2w shades are same?

  11. is fs 28 and 2w shades are same?


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