Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Review, Swatch, EOTD

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From the moment I started using eye liners Maybelline Gel Liner has been my favorite and surprisingly it was my very first eye liner as well! I know most of us start using pencil liners, liquid liners and finally migrate to gel liners but for it was really the other way round! I got into liquid liners very late and even now I only own one liquid liner and its the Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black!

Colobar Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner comes in standard tube like packaging and contains 2.5ml of product. Its really quite small and tiny, very easy to carry around. It comes in silver and black case packaging. The eyeliner tip is a felt one and this was one of the driving factors for me to buy this one. I am not comfortable using brush tips and I feel felt tips are best for beginners as they are so easy control and you can get a nice defined line!

The tip size is perfect and fits around the curve of the eyes nicely. Also the tip of the felt tip is thin enough to get in the inner corner of the eyes and to get nice thin lines.

The second reason I bought this liner was its a jet black! Truly one of the blackest black liner I own! I love deep dark jet black with a matte finish and this one is perfect for that! Both the swatches are of one swipe and you can see how intense jet black it looks! The finish is definitely matte so if you like glossy finish this one is definitely not for you.

Once it sets its smudge proof and stays all day without fading! Its perfect for office wear since I generally prefer matte eyeliner for office.

I personally don't prefer anything which says waterproof on my eyes! Even in mascaras I prefer the non waterproof ones since they are easier to remove and less harsh on my sensitive skin around the eyes. Though this one says its waterproof its definitely not! Below I have wet my hand and as you can see its not definitely not waterproof! Water resistant yes but not waterproof!

It smudges badly as you can see from below pics, if you rub on the liner when its wet! It clearly proves it not waterproof!

Apologize for the crappy liner, I was in a rush and applied the liner in less than a min! I generally take 5 mins+ just to apply my liner when I want it perfect :D

Round - Up

-> Cute tiny packaging
-> Blackest black shade!
-> Felt tip which is perfect for beginners
-> Can get thin to thick liners
-> Jet matte black shade
-> Smudge proof
-> Long lasting
-> Awesome pigmentation
-> Water resistant

-> Not waterproof!!
-> Smudges badly if rubbed wet!
-> No ingredient list mentioned
-> Not safe for waterline

Rating:- 4 out of 5

Price:- 350 for 2.5ml

Though I prefer my Maybelline Gel Liner over this but still I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a good jet black matte liquid liner! It's got awesome pigmentation and its smudge proof until it get's wet and does stay all day long! Wouldn't recommend if you are planning to go on outing in this rainy season but for every other season its pretty good for daily office wear :)

I hope the review was helpful to you all, until next time take and stay beautiful :)



  1. i so want this now..i wanted to buy a matte black liner since a long time..thanks for the info parii................. <3

  2. im a total follower of maybelline wala..i used it for bout 2.5yrs...abhi just started using ikonic wala...i like it but maybelline is best i feel ;)

  3. i really like this one but wish it was waterproof! thats y i prefer gel liners these days :)

    1. maybelline gel liner has been my favorite for long Poorva :)

  4. I love this's so pigmented. Nice review :)

  5. I have nevr tried this one..It seems to be great after reading your review Parita! I am currently using Maybellin's hyperglossy liquid liner..Will give it a try aftr that one...


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