Clarisonic Mia - Is is worth the hype?

Hey Everyone!

Clarisonic Mia Sonic Cleansing System has been on my wishlist for longer than anything that I have ever wanted apart from my HG foundation which I am still looking for..more on that later...

I will not go into complete details of Clarisonic Mia since I am sure everyone who has ever been into makeup and skin care knows about this product and if you are not aware visit their website here. Now let me tell you why I got Mia and if its worth the hype or not!

Coming from a conservative middle class Indian family where using makeup is considered a sin and growing up hearing how makeup will make your skin break out, leave scars etc etc you know the drill..., I was really skeptical about using foundations on my acne prone skin. This is one of the reasons I never really splurged on foundations since I thought they will clog my pores and break me out even more than usual!

After reading through millions of blogs and YTuber's raving about this miraculous product I definitely was curious to know if it really does what it says? But spending 120$ on a single product + the insane shipping price from US was something I didn't want to risk!

So during Diwali last year I was casually browsing and came across Posh Fusion website where they had Clarisonic Mia available on same price as US + Diwali discount + available in India + it was in the color Pink.........Ok I would have preferred Turquoise but Pink is my second love so it was ok :-)
Rest is history as you know......I couldn't resist the deal and finally placed my order and received it in less than a week!

The customer service at Posh Fusion is incredible, my package got damaged due to transportation and thankfully the damage was only to the outer box of Mia and not the device itself, they returned the complete shipping fee back to me, now who does that?

Clarisonic Mia has two versions the original and Mia 2 the only difference being Mia 2 comes in with 2 speed and a 60 second pulsing timer. The price difference however is almost 50$ between them and I really don't think i would spend 50$ for extra timer and speed dials! Not worth it in my opinion

Clarisonic Mia comes with a universal adapter and a charger. The charger is pretty cool since its magnetic! You need to charge Mia for full 24 hours before using it the first time and after that once a week for 8 to 10 hours should suffice if you use Mia twice everyday. I don't use Clarisonic everyday to be honest! I mainly bought this to use it whenever I use makeup and this may come as a surprise I don't use foundations and concealers on face every single much for being a beauty blogger :P

Now to the million dollar it worth it? In my personal opinion before you all start judging me let me explain why! I use Cetaphil cleansing lotion for sensitive skin as makeup remover for face and separate one for my eyes. After removing the makeup I go ahead with my face wash and rest of the routine. Now believe it or not even after removing my face makeup when I started using Clarisonic I still found loads of makeup coming off which was stuck in my pores! In complete shock I was like OMG all this time I years sleeping on with makeup on my face!!! Yikes! Even further slathering night creams on my face on top of the sitting dirt in the wonder the creams weren't working!

After I started using Clarisonic my face feels really completely clean and free of all makeup and dirt. It makes my face a clean canvas and preps the skin for my night time routine! No I don't use Clarisonic everyday since I found it can be a little too harsh on the skin if used twice a day but then this is just for my skin. I know the Clarisonic website recommends using it twice a day for visible results but personally I would not recommend that. The trick is not to overdo anything!

Since I started using Clarisonic there is definitely an improvement in my skin, I feel the night creams work much better since they get absorbed in the pores better showing the results you want to see. Also it acts as an exfoliator and scrubs away the dead skin cells effectively leaving behind clean and radiant skin! 

I wouldn't call this a solution for acne..NO!! Its basically a cleansing system which uses sonic cleansing technology to deep clean the pores on the face so that other face treatments, serums, creams etc get absorbed better! 

It comes with a sensitive brush head which can be removed. Mia is completely waterproof so yes you can use it in shower as well. They have different kinds of brush heads for sensitive skin, deep cleaning and acne prone skin. I have the one with sensitive skin and it works just fine. They suggest to replace the brush head once in 3 months and to be honest I really don't think one needs to invest extra 2000INR for a brush head! I clean my brush head after every use and air dry it works just well!

I have used clarisonic with different face washes starting from Sebamed Cleansing foam (my absolute favorite and HG), Vichy's Cleansing Gel and Avene Cleansing Gel (my second favorite) and it works well with all of them!

In my personal opinion if you use makeup every single day I feel its definitely worth the price. I know its quite expensive but so is an epilator or a perfume from Chanel! I would rather compromise on a perfume than on my skin. I bought it as an investment which will last long and it definitely made a difference to my cleansing routine and helps to keep my face clean of all the dirt and germs! 

I definitely recommend it to everyone who uses makeup on daily basis, it does not irritate my skin even when I have acne so its good for acne prone skin as well plus they have separate brush heads available for acne prone skin. 

Rating:- 4 out of 5 (1 point deducted since it definitely is not a necessity and availability is a big issue especially in India!)

Price:- I don't remember exactly but it was between 4 - 5K INR of course :)

I hope the review was helpful, if you have any questions do leave them in the comments box below and I will get back to asap!

Until next time take care and stay beautiful <3



  1. Ive heard so much about it too..but somehow always thought it was a solution to problem skin nly..i hav the sigma one which is sorta making so with that..but maybe a few yrs down the line id like t get my hands on dis baby!

    1. I agree its not a must have and especially for you since you toh anyways have flawless skin dear :)

    2. Haha! Not anymore..preg hormones hav made my skin kinda dull :(

    3. doesn't look like that in FOTDs :)

  2. I gotto try this one and great review :)

  3. I use this every week & love it. takes care of my nose blackheads. I hooked Pati onto oit too!!!

    1. Hai na..even i love it for exfolation :)

  4. Oh parita! wow ! finally i got the best review of clarisonic , actually i tackle with d problem of clogged pores(blackheads & whiteheads on d centre of cheeks rather than my oily t zone) and my huge pimples are the result of inflammation of these clogged pores when i regularly apply any cosmetic on face whether it is sunscreen(usually i apply sunscreen only) or i thought that the reason behind my acne is that my pores are not cleaned properly in the evening thatswhy i got these deeply embedded clogged pores (they dont come out even after parlour cleanup and chemical peels) problem on my cheeks so thinking of purchasing clarisonic for that deep clean feeling....

    Now,I want to ask you that:

    a) Would you recommend me clarisonic or not?

    b) Secondly, should i buy vichy night cream as i have big open pores too but I want to tell you that previously I have used vichy normaderm day care but it gives me pus filled small acne so i stopped it and recently I have purchased vichy dry matte fluid ( it makes my pores big) ,so basically I have a bad experience with vichy...

    c) lastly, I want you to suggest me a best sunscreen for oily acne prone skin.You will be amazed , none of the sunscreen suits me (from lotus (matte, 3 in 1 gave acne), suncros aquagel,suncote,ekran,melagard vichy dry matte fluid and many more ..) . some are proved comedogenic, some are oily with accenturating the pores.

    I am a big fan of your recommended products , I have purchased avene cleansing gel(nice product), sebamed on your recommendation and completely satisfied with them.I know my query is so long and exhausting for you but need your help tremendously.......

  5. also i want to know about lactic acid peel, you were saying to write a review of it, m desperately waiting for it

    1. I am still testing lactic acid peel and will try to put up the review in a month, want to test it out completely before putting it out :)

  6. Ive caught such a great amount of about it too..but some way or another dependably supposed it was an answer for issue skin nly..i hav the sigma one which is sorta making so with that..but perhaps a couple of yrs down the line id like t get my involved dis toddler! clarisonic coupons

  7. Great review.
    Its been in my wish list from a long time :)

    1. Thank you..I hope the review was helpful :)

  8. hey
    where did u guys buy clarisonic from?
    and is the product from authentic? because i have heard about fake clarisonic being sold at a lot of websites!

  9. Hi can any one pls let me know where to buy this through onlin....

  10. Hi Partia, i m in Tamil Nadu. I want to buy the CLARISONIC MIA. Please suggest where to buy the genuine one.


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