Chambor Dazzle Transfer Proof Smooth Eye Pencil in Teal Review and EOTD

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Turquoise has been my favorite color since I don't know may be when I was in school. I remember there was a time when my entire wardrobe had only shades of blue and turquoise! Oh yeah I was so crazy about this color! The moment I'd see turquoise anywhere I just had to have it! I have earrings, bangles, anklets, rings, handbags, shoes, dresses, sarees etc etc all in the same color family blue/teals and turquoise!

So when i ventured into makeup my first choice for colored liners were blue! I think blue and purple both colors flatter brown eyes a lot and makes them just pop! So out of my vast collection of blue liners I am going to review one of my favorite shades which is Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner in Teal!

I was pretty late to jump on the band wagon of Chambor Dazzle liners! I got quite a few of these last year before leaving India , I think I have three of these Brown, Purple and Teal. I am sure they have some more shades like Gold and Black. Fortunately I got these on their original price 445 which they have now increased to 545! 

The packaging is simple, these come in plastic box packaging which I unfortunately through away. The eye pencil comes in retractable form and colored pencil case which is same as the shade of the eye liner itself so its easier to sort through your makeup collection. The retractable packaging is worth ever! Once you slide the eye liner up it cannot be undone ie the eye liner does not go back in! Seriously who creates such a retractable liner which only works one way up! It completely negates the concept of retractable!

The shade Teal is stunning blue with very tiny blue and silver shimmer which are hardly visible. Rather the shimmer translates into beautiful sheen as you can see in the EOTD below! The formula is creamy and glides on beautifully on eyelids without any tugging or pulling.

Though is says waterproof on the packaging they are not! I found these to be water resistant and not water proof! Did a small test and ran them under water though they did not budge but once smudged using fingers they ran everywhere! 

The pigmentation is amazing, one glide is enough to give you bright bold color! The staying power of these are pretty good and they stay on my eyes throughout the day until I remove them with a makeup remover. Also I wear contacts and have watery eyes so these smudge ever so lightly in the inner corner of my eyes which I really don't like! With the price I am paying I expect better results!

Another problem with these is that you cannot get a crisp thin lines! Since these are retractable you cannot sharpen them and being creamy they easily get blunt so the lines come out quite thick!

This is how Teal looks on my eyes

Round - Up

-> Very pretty and wearable shade!
-> Formula is creamy and glides on eyes
-> No tugging or pulling is required
-> Good staying power
-> Water resistant
-> Easily available across all Chambor counters and online

-> Horrible one way twist up packaging!
-> The tip gets blunt after one use due to highly creamy texture
-> Cannot achieve thin lines
-> Smudges in the inner corner of the eyes
-> May not be suitable for waterline due to fine shimmers
-> Expensive if compared to other brands like Kryolan, Faces and Colorbar!

Rating:- 3.8 out of 5
( Deducted 1.2 mainly for smudging in the inner corner of my eyes, one way twist up packaging and for the fact that there are other brands which have liners which perform much better than this and are half the price!)

Price:- 545 for 0.28gm

Though I adore the shade I don't find it worth spending 500+ especially when we have brands like Kryolan, Faces, Colorbar etc which have similar shades at much better price and formula!

I hope the review was helpful to you all, until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. This one's very dear to me Parita....I love how it creates that spark in your looks :)

    1. Thanks Agnibanya! I too love the shade for the same!

  2. Beautiful colour. Brightens up the eyes. Its been years since I used chambor.....I should check it out now.

    1. Thanks Dollie :) Chambor has some really good stuff :)

  3. Intense and bright shade parita .. :)

  4. beautiful shade, looking lovely on you :). It's 545/- and it smudges :(

  5. I have used this in Black.. loved the finish and texture but yeah definitely overpriced!!!
    teh teal blue looks pretty on your eyes.. :D

    1. I agree on the over price Poo! thank you!

  6. Shade looks good Parita, Agree that one way twist up thing sucks big time.. but I love these pencils just for their formula and staying power ... nice review


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