Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder Review

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Ben Nye Banana Powder

If you are a makeup lover like me and love watching YouTube videos I am sure you are aware of the very famous Ben Nye Banana Powder!

I came to know about this miraculous powder while watching YT and almost on every channel the girls would rave about this product and how good it is for setting the under eye concealer! After hearing so much about this product I had to have it! 

Ben Nye Banana Powder Review

Ben Nye is one of the industry leaders in the makeup industry for theatrical makeup. Their products are often used by makeup artists worldwide in photoshoots, films, TV etc. Ben Nye Luxury Powder comes in different colors and sizes, I have the smallest size which contains 42gm of product and the shade is Banana. 

The powder comes in very basic plastic tub packaging and has sifter on top. The openings on the sifter are very big and it dispenses a hell lot of product which results in wastage! Wish they would change the packaging and make the sifter with tiny holes.

Ben Nye India

Ben Nye Banana powder is extremely finely milled and has soft yellow tinge to it. The powder is perfect for setting under eye concealers since the yellow tinge works as a brightener under the eyes making your eyes appear brighter! It does not provide any coverage but seals your concealer in place so that it does not budge! It definitely makes my concealer last all day.

The powder is extremely finely milled so you just need a light touch of it. I am using this powder from over a year now and you can still see I have 90% left! So it will go on for a long time! It does not make my concealer crease or settle into fine lines and gives very natural finish! If you have extremely dry under eye area always moisturize it before putting on the concealer to avoid emphasizing the dryness.

Ben Nye Banana Powder Swatches

You can use a powder puff, a sponge or even a small blending brush to set the concealer using this powder. I use my Real Techniques Setting brush since its small and fits perfectly under the hollows of my eyes :) 

The best thing about this powder is how flawless it looks on camera! I always use only this powder in all my FOTDs and absolutely love how it makes my under eye skin flawless and bright! i always get questioned asked on this so ladies this is one of the reason! 

Ben Nye Banana Powder Swatch

Round - Up

-> Basic and sturdy packaging
-> Extremely finely milled!
-> Soft yellow tinge which helps in brightening the under eye area
-> Sets the concealer very well for long lasting finish
-> Increases the staying power of the concealer
-> Helps the concealer not to settle in fine lines or creasing!
-> Will last for long long time
-> Can also be used to set foundation and works equally well
-> No flashback in pictures!
-> Gives flawless look in pictures!
-> Cheap!
-> Does not irritate my skin

-> The openings on sifter could have been smaller
-> Not easily available in India

Price:- 500 for 42gm

Rating:- 4.8 out of 5

I highly recommend this powder to everyone! Its the only powder I am using to set my concealers and it works equally well with all of them! I have used it with Colorbar Stick concealer, MAC Pro Long Wear concealer, theBalm concealer and it does fab job with all of them!

I know availability is a problem but this one is available in Beauty Centers in Mumbai so definitely try to get your hands on it through family and friends, you will not regret it!

I hope the review was helpful, until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. ive read such rave reviews on this, really want it :( but not available anywhere arnd me!

  2. Lovely review :) I really want this stuff...I have heard a lot of good things about this!

    1. Its excellent Parul..definitely check this out!

  3. The name is catchy and nicee review parita :)

  4. am a big fan of this powder parita..this is kim kadarshians fav too..u must hav seen how she uses it for under def makes the under eye area brighter as well

    1. I totally agree was one of the reasons I got it :) its perfect for setting under eye concealers :) you have it too kya?

  5. Ive seen this prac everywhere Pari!! No wonder this is such a hit...its def in my lust list!

    1. Zee its a must have! works well with mac pro long wear concealer :)

  6. Overheard so much about this wonderful powder....but somehow I always feel apprehensive about goods at Beauty Center. Smehow, I feel I might just end up being sold a fake.

    1. I don't buy a lot of stuff from Beauty Center but whenever I have never faced any such issue :)

  7. Ooh exciting!.. I placed an order for this powder couple of days back.. waiting for the arrival :)

    1. thats great share your thoughts on this one :)

  8. i have heard so much abt it n u have tempted me to get it :P

    Riya recently posted..Beauty Bytes- Best Face Mask

    1. you shud definitely give this a try Riya :)

  9. Theis seems to be really really awesome! I have never heard of it before...& never seen it to..Thanks for sharing dear!

    1. Definitely try this Richa..its really really good :)

  10. is this only for setting the concealer..?? or can it be used as loose powder on entire face for setting the makeup and mattifying...??

    1. Bushra it can be used all over the face to set your foundation as well :) I have used it and works well


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