Aishwarya Rai's Cannes 2013 Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Hey Everyone!

So I saw this one look which I really liked, it was Aishwarya's signature smokey eyes but with a twist where she has gorgeous bronzy gold color smudged on her lower lashline! I absolutely loved this eye makeup look and thought I would re-create the same for you guys :) Please understand I don't look like her nor do I have her beautiful eyes but I created this look with the best possible products I had in my kitty and to be honest I really loved it!

So lets get started with the tutorial

Step1:- As always prime your eye lids, I am using MAC's paint pot in Soft Ochre

Step2:- Now if you see closely Aishwarya's smokey eyes are not jet black but she has that bronzy shimmery base underneath which lifts the entire eye look. So I have used MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure as a base for my black eyeshadow. Now you can even use Maybelline color tattoo in Bad To The Bronze instead. Apply the cream eyeshadow on the entire eye lid blending upwards towards the crease.

Step3:- Mix dark brown and black eyeshadow and apply it all over the lid, staying below the crease line. Now the reason why I am mixing two shades here because I don't want jet black smokey eyes, so to reduce the intensity of black I am mixing it with a dark brown eyeshadow. You can obviously use only black eyeshadow as well :) I have used Sleek + Serious eyeshadows from Nude Tude Palette.

Step4:- Use a medium brown eyeshadow which is closer to your skin tone to blend out the harsh edges and soften the look. I have used Sultry from Nude Tude palette

Step5:- Apply the same cream eyeshadow on your lower lashline, I have used MAC's Genuine Treasure Paint Pot

Step6:- Using a smudger brush or a pencil brush blend out the edges using a bronze gold eyeshadow - I have used Sophisticated eyeshadow from Nude Tude Palette

Step7:- Line your eyes with a kohl pencil, lashline as well as waterline.

Step8:- Apply black+brown eyeshadow on the lashline to soften the eye liner. Curl your eye lashes and apply loads of mascara to both upper and lower lashes

Step9:- Apply a satin finish eyeshadow as brow bone highlight to complete the look

Step10:- Apply a matte cream color as inner corner highlight and your look is completed :)

I have tried my best to re-create this look to the best of my abilities. You can always use eyeshadows you have on your hands hence I have also mentioned substitutes where ever possible. To jazz up the look even more apply some false lashes!

Products I used to create the look:-
-> TheBalm Nude Tude Palette (Sultry, Sophisticated, Serious and Sleek eyeshadows)
-> MUA Mascara
-> MAC Soft Ochre
-> MAC Genuine Treasure
-> Lakme Kajal Ikonic
-> Matte highlight Brulee from the Wet n Wild palette

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful, if you do try this look do let me know :)

Until next time take care and stay beautiful!



  1. Very well done Pari..looks gorgeous..n girl..u do have lovely eyes!!

  2. Can you suggest a good Kajal to use. I currently use Maybelline Colossal Kajal.

    1. You can try Lakme Ikonic or Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate...Ultimate is a bit expensive but really nice, also check out Kryolan Black liner heard its awesome and costs around 200 :) hope this helps!

  3. loveeeed the look :) n ur eyes r just beautiful :)

  4. you ve beautiful eyes Parita & you recreated this look very well. I like the touch 0f bronzy golden colour on her lower eyelid :)

  5. U have stunning eyes! Wish i pick up how to diffuse eyeshadows so well! Love love LOVE it!

    1. Thank you so much Lee! Coming from you its a huge compliment!

  6. You've done it beautifully...ur eyes look gorgeous. Im ur newest follower :)

    1. Thank you so much Dollie! So sweet of you!

  7. one of my fav shades go on to making this eye look n so it makes it all the more glam ;)

    1. thanks! btw which is your fav shade? black?


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